China overtook the United States with 9 gold MEDALS and entered the top three in the medal table for the first time.On the verge of a historic moment

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China overtook the United States with 9 gold MEDALS and entered the top three for the first time.On the verge of a historic moment.The 2022 Beijing Olympics is about to enter the last day, the medal count ranking also basic can be determined, Norway to 15 gold, 8 silver and 12 bronze at the top, has been in the MEDALS table first, and Germany’s 8 to 11 gold silver 5 brass lock set a second, before the two has not changed, and the Chinese delegation with SuiWenJing/Han Cong gold medal,They leapfrogged the United States to finish third in the medal table with nine gold, four silver and two bronze MEDALS.The USA ranked fourth with 8 golds, 9 silvers and 7 bronzes, while Sweden ranked fifth with 8 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes. The Netherlands ranked sixth with 8 golds, 5 silvers and 4 bronzes, while Switzerland ranked seventh with 7 golds, 2 silvers and 5 bronzes.Although the Chinese delegation no gold MEDALS on the final day, but the United States also have no, so the United States is unlikely to back China, now need to look at Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland can get gold MEDALS in the last day, if this three teams can’t get a gold medal, the Chinese delegation would lock table 3,That would be the highest ranking for the Chinese delegation since the Tokyo Olympics.Norway is no. 1 in the world in ice and snow, winning five MEDALS on Feb. 18 and three on Feb. 15, and now topping the medal tally with 15 golds.Germany has already secured second place in the medal table, with gold points remaining on the final day of competition.In skating skating competition, the Chinese ace combination SuiWenJing/Han Cong facing the Russian Olympic committee team three powerful combination of encirclement and suppression, showed strong strength, to refresh the world record of achievements, won the gold medal, but also help China to 9 gold surpassed the United States, entered the MEDALS table in the first three, and from the point of the current situation,The Chinese delegation has a good chance to retain the top three position, which would be the first time for the Chinese delegation to enter the top three of the medal table, and is on the verge of a historic moment.On the final day, five gold MEDALS will be awarded in the women’s curling final between Japan and Great Britain, the mixed alpine skiing team final, the women’s 30km mass start, the open four-man bobsled and the men’s ice hockey final between Finland and Russia.From these games, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland will compete for the gold medal in skiing, snow mover is the advantage of Germany, China and the United States did not win the gold point, so China has surpassed the United States has been a fact, now need to see whether Sweden and Switzerland from Norway to take away the gold medal.