Driving drunk without a license!A man in Ledong was fined and detained for 14 days

2022-05-31 0 By

On January 26, 17 at about, ledong li autonomous county public security bureau traffic management team based on a “long way” service mechanism, organization police set up checked posts in jurisdictions quo-town center primary school gate road for traffic safety during the Spring Festival transportation, duty road controller on a Joan D plate making an inspection, two rounds of motorcycle found driver zhang suspected drunken driving,He was then tested for blood alcohol.After checking, Zhang’s blood alcohol content was 30mg/100ml, which is drunk driving. Zhang said he had drunk a little wine with friends at lunch, and after drinking, he planned to ride home, but was stopped by traffic police on the road.When verifying the identity information of Zhang, the road administrator found that Zhang did not obtain a motor vehicle driving license, is a license to drive, and zhang drove the motorcycle did not test according to the provisions.Ledong county public security bureau traffic management team according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety law “relevant provision, with zhang drunk driving, driving without a license, motor vehicle inspection, not according to stipulations are not wearing helmets four traffic violations combined with fines administrative detention for 14 days, 3750 yuan of punishment, and carries on the strict criticism education.Source: Rule of law Times Hainan Politics and Law net author: Chen Taidong New media editor: Li Jinhui