Have you ever seen green cherry blossoms?There are two cherry trees hidden in northwest Lake Park. The best time to see them is in these days

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Have you ever seen green cherry blossoms?More than 500 cherry blossoms bloom in The Northwest Lake Park in Jianghan District.In the sea of flowers, two cherry trees covered with green flowers appear special and secret, which is the “wonderful flower” of cherry blossom and the “hidden style” of the Northwest Lake cherry forest.The turmeric sakura with green flowers is the “wonderful work” among cherry blossoms.30 days, changjiang Daily reporters came to the Northwest lake park, under the leadership of the park management office staff Wu Chenlan, found located in huangxiao West road, near the north lake two yu Jin cherry.Along the footpath, clusters of green cherry blossoms were in full bloom, fresh and graceful amid the pink and white trees.Under the sun, the petals are green in different shades from outside to inside, and the closer they get to the flower, the greener they become.Green cherry blossoms hung all over the branches.There are more than 300 varieties of cherry blossoms, but most are white or pink. Yu Jin cherry, which produces green flowers, is one of the rarer varieties in the cherry blossom family.In Wuhan, in addition to the East Lake Cherry Garden and Wuhan University, hankou area yu Jin cherry is very rare.Two turmeric cherry trees in Northwest Lake Park.”It is because of its rarity that many citizens mistakenly think it is not cherry blossom. In such cases, I will introduce popular science to them.”Wu Chenlan told reporters that yu Jin cherry is rare, mainly because the cherry seed rate is very low, most of the way to reproduce by grafting.Citizens stroll through the cherry blossom forest in Northwest Lake Park for photos.Two cherry trees in Northwest Lake Park were specially planted in 2003 when the cherry garden was built. After the gardener’s careful care, they have been blooming for nearly 20 years.Wu chenlan has observed the park’s cherry blossoms almost every day since they started blooming this year.She told the reporter, these two yu Jin cherry probably from the day before yesterday into the flowering period, according to the flowering rule, is expected to bloom can last more than 10 days, “I hope to appreciate the flowers of the public, do not miss these two ‘treasure’.”(Qiao Chi from Changjiang Daily)