Let’s look at the “colorful world” on wood.

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Kedao darting in logs, and sometimes bold powerful, sometimes delicate feminine, after a finely crafted, a little-known logs for completed a gorgeous shape: whether the character image, or stories, or flowers and plants trees, insects, fish, birds and animals, a small wood “loaded” with world, this is the traditional woodcarving bring glamour.Recently, the reporter approached the provincial intangible cultural heritage project – Hezhou woodcarving skills, close to feel the unique charm of traditional culture.Shi Xiaoping in carving wood carvings is very cultural characteristics of the manual craft products.Early wood carvings mainly include figures, birds and animals, plants, etc., which were originally used to decorate the doors of houses to express family prestige and economic status.When it comes to linxia woodcarving craft, we have to mention shi Xiaoping, representative inheritor of hezhou woodcarving project of state level intangible cultural heritage.Woodcarving corridor is in linxia city south long town south sichuan Shiliang home village shi Xiaoping home, the size of different woodcarving ornaments can be seen everywhere, non genetic inheritor Shi Xiaoping is using the mallet in the hand and the carving knife first chisel rough.”The knife must be straight, the knife must be tight when you hold it, then go in from this side, one knife, two knife, three knife, the knife lifted up, the tip of the knife must be in this place, one knife, two knife, three knife…”Pieces of wood through the skilled hand carving woodcarving students, the outline of the pattern gradually revealed, amazing.Shi Xiaoping tells a reporter, each woodcarving handicraft, must want to pass design, chiseling rough billet, repair smooth, burnish wait for a working procedure, road careless not, and woodcarving carving technique most classic is “hollow out”, this pair of woodcarving master’s requirement is very high, need a bit a bit pure manual burnish.Shi Xiaoping said that he was mainly influenced by his father’s work.He was deeply interested in wood carving since childhood. When he was in junior high school, he helped his father make wood carving and developed a strong interest in the art of wood carving, during which he was taught by his father.After graduating from high school, he began to work in wood carving.Screen in the working practice, he inherited the predecessors of of primitive simplicity, uninhibited, vivid and artistic style, and subtly of calligraphy, painting and sculpture art with among them, the essence, range, the design is novel, increased a lot of empty spirit, beautiful appearance, make works design decorative pattern is fluent and coherent, in the flat, with the vision, and integrating all kinds of art,Rich local characteristics and ethnic life atmosphere, ideal and reality.Especially in the work practice to explore the pasting method, grafting method and other new techniques, bold to solve the hollowing process because of material constraints difficult to show deep technical problems, and save raw materials, reduce the cost, to a certain extent, expand the use of wood carving products.When he sculpted the larger plane ornaments, pay attention to the main line, sub-line and sub-line three lines clear, moderate width and size, the depth of the high and low scattered, so that the work is endowed with a three-dimensional sense, in the three-dimensional space to grasp the hierarchical, clear perspective, each account, therefore, its works by all ethnic groups, the masses of all walks of life love.Kang Table “in wood carving, whether it is a flower pane, or a landscape painting, these colorful patterns in advance to carve a good belly, so that when the knife can be fine, accurate, fast.Under normal circumstances, when carving, choose good wood blank, with carpenter’s pencil above roughly outline the outline of all kinds of patterns, and then use their own mastery of knife and exquisite technology, to be careful carving, a piece of wood carving is vividly presented in front of people.Shi Xiaoping told reporters.”If you want to keep the art evergreen, you must ensure that wood carving is passed on from generation to generation.The key to inheritance and development lies in the cultivation of talents.”Shi Xiaoping said.Therefore, he invested in opening wood carving workshops in Linxia city, and established Linxia Qinyun Wood carving Technology Co., LTD., and recruit apprentices, specializing in wood carving processing, production and skills to teach.At the same time, on the basis of inheritance, we learn and draw lessons from the traditional Chinese woodcarving skills, study the shortcomings of the skills, and skillfully use the round carving skills to more vividly and vividly express the spirit and charm of flower works represented by peony with realistic techniques.Three yuan good news birds worship the phoenix antique eaves Loaded:Archaize Eaves “Hezhou Wood Carvings” representative inheritor Shi Xiaoping application film 2009,Shi Xiaoping was identified as the representative inheritor of the first municipal intangible cultural heritage project in Linxia.In 2011, it was identified as the representative inheritor of linxia’s first state-level intangible cultural heritage project;In 2017, completed the application of hezhou Wood Carving provincial Intangible Heritage project;In 2019, the Linxia Qinyun Wood Carving Technology Co., Ltd. founded by him was awarded “Linxia Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Hezhou Wood Carving Inheritance Base” by The Bureau of Culture and Radio of Linxia city.Source | China Linxia net