Old Beijing no. 1 “dung bully” Yu Deshun: monopolized 36 dung roads, has more than 100 real estate

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Three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the champion.In today’s rapidly developing society, more and more new occupations are emerging slowly.Whether in ancient times or in modern times, industry is one of the basic elements of society.Since it’s 360 lines, there’s a big difference between those lines.Is the so-called interlaced such as mountains, there is such a special industry, the average person is certainly difficult to accept, that is dung workers.As the name suggests, a turd man is a turd picker.Still remember this line, there was a famous “dung bully”, named Yu Deshun.He owned 36 dung tunnels and more than 100 properties in Beijing. What happened?Yu Deshun, who was born in the early 19th century, was not from Beijing, but from Hebei Province.Yu deshun’s family condition is relatively poor, and the family has many brothers and sisters.It was no easy job to feed so many children in those days.Yu deshun began to help his family when he was young and began to work at the age of 14.At the age of 20, Yu Deshun came to Beijing to struggle after hearing from the villagers that Beijing offers many opportunities and high wages.When Yu Deshun came to Beijing, his work did not go well.First of all, he is uneducated because he has never been to school.In order to survive, Yu Deshun had to go to the factory as a coolie.But hard and boring work is not what Yu Deshun wants.At this time, the friend told him a good news, that is to pick up dung.It looked dirty, but it paid more than drudgery.At that time, the dung workers were divided into factory workers and casual workers. The factory workers worked in the dung factory, and the casual workers did their own work.Factory workers are not particularly well paid because there is no extra income, but casual workers are extremely well paid.A day job is going from house to house with a bag and tools, cleaning toilets.Dung workers earn a share from their employers, and the waste water can be sold to farmers as fertilizer and earn a share.Within a month of working as a day laborer, Yu deshun had already earned three months ‘wages for ordinary people.Having tasted the sweet taste, Yu deshun and his friends began to scour more streets.But it was because they were expanding their territory that it affected the dung factory’s business.Around these streets, daqiang factory has always been responsible for the removal of dung.Because Yu deshun wanted less money, daqiang factory had fewer customers.Factory investigation after clear reason, decided to give Yu Deshun a pedestrian to find some trouble.The factory sent dozens of people to block up Yu deshun’s friend and his cousin and beat him to death.Yu Deshun and friends to take people to the factory trouble, the final result is to get more than 10 pieces of compensation, the matter is nothing.At this time, Yu deshun realized that he had to be able to earn more money.After the death of his cousin, Yu Deshun changed his way of doing things.In the past, they were like rats in the face of factory oppression. They could only hide in exchange for some money, and sometimes they were beaten if they were unlucky enough to be caught.Yu Deshun decided to gather all the casual workers nearby.Since factories are afraid of losing business to casual workers, they simply replace them.Yu Deshun in his hometown, every day loafer, in the society is also a small gangster.Building a team was a piece of cake for him.Yu deshun gathered the casual workers together without much effort.First of all, day laborers are basically bullied by factories.Second, Yu Deshun promised everyone.As long as they had dung, he could buy it for a little more than usual.Below such condition temptation, Yu Deshun contacted more than 30 people for the first time, established oneself of a dig dung organization.A few casual workers have had a big impact on the factory, and more than 30 mean the factory can close.Daqiang Factory contacted Yu Deshun as soon as possible, gave him a sum of money and then dismissed all the casual workers.Yu Deshun at the beginning of the purpose is to destroy the factory, nature did not ignore the command of the strong factory.Only a month later, the daqiang factory could not afford to pay wages because it collected too little dung, causing many employees to resign.Some of them have gone to Yu deshun’s camp.Daqiang factory has become a stepping stone on yu Deshun’s road to success.After the collapse of daqiang factory, Yu Deshun not only had more people but also more places.Next, Yu deshun began to snowball.Depending on the number of people, but also the factory’s own shortcomings are particularly many, Yu Deshun began to dig dung with this job, mixed wind.Some people might think it’s dirty, but it pays well.The money yu Deshun paid his men was the money his master gave him.Yu Deshun seems not a penny, all to the red.But that shit is worth a lot of money.Yu deshun supplied dung to many places, and within half a year bought a big hospital in Beijing to live in.Yu Deshun only used half a year of time, has their own forces, the development of the neighborhood of eight streets.There are at least 14 fecal passages in this area.Yu deshun earns about 100 yuan per month from each dung tunnel.In other words, Yu earns more than 1,000 yuan a month.In the early 19th century, Yu Deshun was extremely wealthy.At that time, a worker’s monthly salary was only about 20 yuan.A year after his death, Yu deshun became even more powerful and lawless.He owns 36 dung tunnels alone, with a hundred men under his command.At this time, Yu Deshun is important people, money money.After Yu Deshun made money, he became a bully.His original purpose was to lead the poor to make money, but after he became rich, his idea was different.At the beginning of the big strong factory insolence, Yu Deshun than they also insolent unreasonable.In The streets of Yudeshun, all casual laborers must register with him, otherwise nothing happens to him.The wages of the day laborers were not low at first, but as the market rose, Mr. Yu did not give them much.For those who disagree, Yu simply kicks them out because there are too many candidates.Because at that time the situation is turbulent, for Yu Deshun this kind of ruffians and rascals, and there is no processing method.Yu Deshun was also on the road, called the local “dung bully”.In the late 1840s, Yu deshun’s power also reached its peak.He relied on years of bullying the market, in Beijing has even more than 100 real estate, become a wealthy figure.But things will be extremely decline, after the founding of new China, Yu Deshun or, as always, arrogance.Yu Deshun business so big, in these years the body also bear a lot of lives.In new China, the people are the masters of the country.People like Yu deshun, who oppressed people, were eventually brought to court.Below the finger-pointing of numerous victims, Yu Deshun was sentenced to death, ending his “brilliant” life.