This Spring Festival, hangzhou Shangcheng District, this group of people rush around jiaxing, Ningbo, Huzhou……What they do is too warm

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Qianjiang evening news · hours journalists ZhanCheng open the correspondent YanYan in this special day of the lunar New Year in order to let people feel the warmth of home, since January 28, district party committee standing committee led by hangzhou uptown, sent in succession by the uptown area district party committee united front, the district technology bureau, the regulatory office and other departments of four 20 government cadres of the working party,They went to 13 quarantine points in jiaxing, Ningbo, Huzhou and other prefecture-level cities together with the quarantined personnel, carried out simultaneous support and coordination work, cared for the quarantined people in the upper city, and solved their difficulties and needs.Little warm heart service, close humanistic care, harvest the masses of true confessions.”My mother has not slept well for three days, she is not in good health and mood, she has taken all sleeping pills, please help to coordinate the dispensing of medicine.” At 11:30 p.m. on January 29, the working group of Pinghu In Jiaxing, Shangcheng District, just confirmed the transfer of personnel to check in, they received an emergency call for help from the family of MAO, an isolated person.Centralized isolation of the masses in the middle of the night urgently needed to fill the problem affected the heart of the staff.Such drugs are prescribed, and hospitals around the quarantine point do not have such drugs, and Hangzhou medical insurance card cannot be used in Jiaxing.After contacting the medical team at the quarantine point, the shangcheng District pinghu working group in Jiaxing immediately contacted the Jiaxing Municipal Health bureau and delivered the medicine to Aunt MAO half an hour later.Taking into account Aunt MAO’s basic diseases, mental state, isolation categories, etc., and according to the advice of the doctors at the isolation point, the working group contacted the district and local streets to help Aunt MAO return to Hangzhou for isolation in multiple ways.At 11 o ‘clock in the morning of January 30th, the district Health bureau and the staff of Xiaoying Street brought Aunt MAO back to Hangzhou.”My mother has arrived home and the street workers are looking after her on the way.We will comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements and do a good job of isolation.Thank you so much!Your coordination and communication skills represent uptown temperature and speed!””My head is a little dizzy, people are not very comfortable” New Year’s day morning, in jiashan isolation hotel Aunt Jiang felt dizzy and uncomfortable, isolation point after a visit, the first time from 120 to jiashan first people’s Hospital for treatment.After receiving the news, the staff of the working group in The upper city of Jiashan rushed to the hospital where Jiang auntie was staying without having lunch, and coordinated with the Jiashan County Disease control office to arrange expert consultation.At 10:07 in the evening, after confirming that the physical examination and nucleic acid test were in good condition, the working group accompanied Jiang all the way to escort her back to the quarantine hotel.”Thank you for your patience, attention and care.”Jiang expressed her gratitude to the working group and the staff at the quarantine point.The next day is Aunt Jiang’s 77th birthday, the day after learning of this situation, shangcheng jiashan working group and jiashan isolation point contact docking, specially for her to send a birthday cake, flowers, longevity noodles.When Aunt Jiang opened the door and saw the unexpected birthday ceremony, she was moved and thanked her.”My mother is dying, and I want to see her again.” At 8:30 on February 4, the Working group of Haishu in Ningbo, Shangcheng District received an urgent request from Mr. Sun, a quarantined person.”My mother was found to have terminal lung cancer last year, and the hospital just told me that she was in critical condition and was dying. I would like to apply for returning to Hangzhou to see my mother for the last time, asking for your help!”On the phone, Mr. Sun was very anxious.Upon receipt of such requests, the team members report to the community and to the community in which the quarantined person lives.It turned out that on July 25, last year, Mr. Sun’s mother had advanced lung cancer and had been hospitalized. On the morning of that day, her condition suddenly deteriorated and she was being rescued in ICU. In the hospital, Mr. Sun’s brothers and sisters were waiting for Mr. Sun.Mr. Sun was quarantined in Ningbo on January 30 because he was a secondary contact of confirmed cases.The isolation period is not yet, once you go to the hospital to see your mother, involving the hospital, vehicle personnel support, environmental elimination, protection and other links, the middle can not be a careless mistake, each link is very key.Considering Mr. Sun see mother’s urgent mood, shangcheng in haishu working group, south star street immediately set up Mr. Sun back to Hang matters docking group, docking good Sun’s mother in the hospital, and ensure a car, specially accompanied by a hundred to send Mr. Sun back to Hang.And Ningbo isolation hotel side, also the first time to let Mr. Sun wear isolation clothes, waiting for the vehicle to come.Soon, the car arrived in Ningbo, in the whole process of epidemic prevention measures, Mr. Sun took the vehicle back to Hangzhou……This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. 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