This time, a dark green nightgown did the trick!Two at once!

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On the morning of January 20, Wang Ming and his teammates went to taizhou detention house to interrogate suspects. When they went out, they saw two men at the door of the reception hall.One of the men wearing dark green pajamas caught Wang Ming’s attention.”I thought the pyjamas looked familiar and his general description was similar to that of a man I had seen in the casino two days before.”Out of professional sensitivity, Wang Ming took advantage of the two people’s attention, far from a photo sent back for comparison.Verified by comparison, wearing dark green pajamas, wearing a hat of the man opened a casino case suspect Lin.Now or never, Wang Ming and colleagues quickly attack, Lin will take the police car.Then in the vicinity of a workshop will be ready to escape another suspect Yuan captured.Originally, On January 18, Zhang ‘an police station through investigation, seized a casino case.The dens by Yuan and his girlfriend Feng set up a bureau.Feng was caught on the spot and criminal detention in accordance with the law, Yuan was not caught on the spot because of the timely escape.”At the time of the arrest, a man in dark green nightgown was seen loitering around the casino, but when the arrest was made, the man was no longer in sight, so we suspect that he was acting as a lookout for the casino.”Wang Ming introduced.In the heavy work, the police to keep in mind the appearance characteristics of the suspects in each case is not easy, but Wang Ming said: “although the real meet once, but their appearance characteristics have been deeply printed in my mind.”On January 20, Yuan mou to the detention house for girlfriend Feng mou deal with relevant business, because Yuan mou will not operate, they called Lin together.At present, Yuan mou has been criminal detention according to law.Source: Taizhou Public Security Editor: Li Bin