Total investment 1971 billion!Heze city will list 127 provincial key projects in 2021

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Dazhong network · poster news reporter Zhao Chenguang heze reported on February 8, dazhong network · poster news reporter from Heze 2021 economic and social operation press conference was informed that in 2021, the city’s fixed asset investment increased by 15.8%, respectively 10.9 percentage points better than the national, the province, 9.8 percentage points, ranking the third in the province,This provided strong support for sustained and sound economic growth.City Development and Reform Commission member of the Party, deputy director, the city old and new kinetic energy office Director Meng Xiangcheng introduced, in the work, they firmly grasp the project construction this “bull”, adhere to high-quality projects to drive effective investment, high-quality promotion of project planning and landing effect.In 2021, the city listed 127 provincial key projects with a total investment of 19.71 billion yuan, ranking first in the province for five consecutive years.Process at the same time, the heze city adhere to the “advance and comprehensive services docking, all-weather” work mechanism, develop key projects to promote solutions, provincial key project leadership packages to division of labor, etc., continue to improve the visual supervision service platform, the concentration of four key projects construction activities, the number of 320, a total investment of 203.7 billion yuan.In 2021, the operation rate of 113 key provincial-level projects under implementation reached 100 percent, and investment of 67 billion yuan was completed, accounting for 148 percent of the annual investment plan.A total of 24.6 billion yuan was invested in 100 municipal key construction projects, exceeding the annual investment plan and further strengthening the demonstration and driving role of key projects.In recent years, Heze city for airport, high-speed rail and beach area relocation projects for more than 20 billion yuan of all kinds of funds, effectively guaranteed the completion and operation of a number of major traffic projects such as Mudan airport, Heze East station, south Shandong high-speed rail;He led the relocation of residents in the Yellow River beach area with an investment of more than 15 billion yuan, the largest livelihood project in Heze history, and 146,000 people in the beach area realized their dream of settling down for a hundred years.These major projects have effectively played the role of infrastructure in stabilizing investment, and the growth rate of fixed asset investment has “soared” from the ninth place in the province in the first quarter of last year to the top three in the province.In addition, Heze grabbed the favorable opportunity that the state increased the issuance of local government special bonds, and actively did a good job in bond project planning reserve. The number of approved projects and capital demand ranked first in the province for two consecutive years. The annual approval of local government special bonds reached 20.1 billion yuan, involving 139 projects.At the same time, we will seek 1.2 billion yuan of investment from the central and provincial budgets.These funds mainly supported projects in agriculture and rural infrastructure, programs to improve people’s livelihood, industrial restructuring, and government-subsidized housing, generating annual investment of nearly 100 billion yuan from private capital.The next step, “top ten” heze city will focus on expanding demand, promote implementation of a batch of leading, supporting, demonstration the seven network infrastructure and high quality development of major projects, with good quality elements such as land, energy resources as a whole as well as the construction funds, such as special bonds, scratching propulsion, fall to the ground, catch powerstation, spare no efforts in expanding investment, steady growth, strengthen the base of economic development.