Welcome to the new GS8 for a test drive!

2022-05-31 0 By

Trumpchi’s new second-generation GS8 is the first turbocharged luxury SUV equipped with Toyota THS hybrid system. There are 6 models of fuel (pilot) series + hybrid (double engine) series, 5 colors of the body to choose, 3 colors of the interior to match at will, 5/6/7 multi-seat flexible space layout, and the selling price is 186,800 yuan to 246,800 yuan.Welcome to the shop for test drive experience. Shop address: Back section of Jushan Avenue, Jushan Development Zone, Xingyi City, Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Qianxinan, Guizhou Province (next to Dehong Auto City)To the shop to buy a successful car, that is, send 1000 yuan gift package.Car purchase enjoy 0 down payment, 0 interest rate, super long 5 years loan, repayment without pressure.To participate in the replacement of old replacement customers, namely enjoy a thousand yuan replacement subsidy.Transfer to introduce successful car purchase, namely send 1000 yuan oil card.Welcome to the store for more surprise benefits.Gac Trumpchi brand comprehensive upgrade, let you control tomorrow’s technology, open a better life, a Trumpchi wisdom, better.