Green responds to Antetokounmpo: “You’re lucky we didn’t meet warriors last year. I’ll show you what I can do.

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Bucks victory over the pacers today letter brother played very well in the match, the match he played only crazy 36 minutes scored 50 points, but he has now developed three skills that today’s Greece monster is just like a young version of lebron James, strong physique let him into the paint when no one can stop,After the game, he also bragged that no one in the league could stop him from hitting the paint, but his comments angered Warriors defensive stalker Draymond Green.Has now officially become TNT commentator of the dream-seeker recently injured at home boring green is often some of their comments, and the madness of the elder brother so now see letter, his natural and not tolerate, pursue green said in the network show “hey dude, you don’t have to be modest, you should continue to grow, not contented with now,We all know you’re the defending champion, so you don’t have to be here all day. What’s the point?You were lucky you didn’t meet the Warriors last season. You met the SUNS in the finals. They didn’t have my type of best defensive player in the post.”Then continue to pursue green said “if we can meet in the finals this year, will be a good chance to give you a lesson, I’ll let you see me, now very few people can be like me so of toughness, if you want to shock when he faced the warrior inside, then when you see me in the basket to weigh well.”Draymond Green, as a strong inside defender, was not shy when facing James in the finals, and he would have some unpleasant things with the other side every time. Moreover, his action in the defense was especially big, and James was made very uncomfortable by him. If the two teams could play a series,Draymond Green will give Antetokounmpo a taste of what Lebron felt like.