Heze East Railway Station welcomes “New Year’s First show”!Travel to and from 50 cities or stations

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Rizhao – Lankao high-speed railway is an important part of the national “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway network, and Heze East Railway Station is the most dazzling pearl on this new line.On December 26, 2021, the section from Qufu to Heze to Zhuangzhai of Rilan high-speed railway will be put into operation. Heze, shandong province, known as the “Capital of Peony”, will enter the era of high-speed railway.As the 2022 Spring Festival railway travel rush kicks off, Heze East Railway Station welcomes the “First show of the Spring Festival”.In order to make passengers feel the new atmosphere brought by the opening of high-speed railway, Heze East Railway Station launched a series of new service measures: set up party member Spring Festival transport service team, formulate the Spring Festival transport organization plan in advance, do a good job of party member help class plan, optimize key passenger service projects, spare no effort to ensure the smooth and orderly Spring Festival transport, let passengers experience more warm and beautiful.In view of the passenger flow more train times, Heze East station in ticket gate, exit and platform to increase service personnel, do a good job of publicity and guidance, timely increase the opening of the gate, unimpeded passengers in and out of the station channel.In the waiting hall, special arrangement of service desk personnel to strengthen patrol, take the initiative to do a good one to one service for key passengers, to travel alone the elderly, disabled passengers and other key passengers accompanied.The new service facilities that have just been put into use undoubtedly bring convenience to passengers.Each platform is equipped with an “intelligent” electronic landmark, which can display the arrival station, carriage position, corresponding carriage number and other information according to the current train number. Compared with the traditional landmark display, it is more dynamic and clear, which is convenient for passengers to board.Each ticket gate in the waiting room is equipped with a “convenient” reverse entrance gate. After getting off at the platform, the passengers who transfer can arrive at the ticket gate according to the guiding signs on the stairs, and enter the waiting room by brushing their ID cards through the reverse gate, so as to facilitate the transfer of connecting trains and rest.In the waiting room for mother and baby, microwave oven, refrigerator, crib, mother and baby supplies, soft colors, warm decoration design, so that “humanized” service elements everywhere.Before the Spring Festival, Heze East Railway Station mainly to arrive passenger flow, coincided with the cold wave cooling, the station specially contacted a local time-renowned food company, starting from January 21 for three consecutive days to carry out “a bowl of mutton soup, warm home road” activity, for passengers, epidemic prevention personnel to provide free mutton soup.”This year is heze East Railway Station’s first Spring Festival travel rush, we will show the new atmosphere of Heze East Railway Station with first-class services, so that passengers can have a better travel experience.”The station party branch secretary, party member service team captain Guo Jun said.Mr. Gao, a passenger, works in an architectural design company in Rizhao. His parents, wife and children are all in Heze. It takes six or seven hours to get home.”I have two days off on weekends and used to come back once or twice a month because of the long hours on the road.Now it is convenient to get there with the high-speed train, which takes more than two hours. I can go home every week and spend more time with my family.It is reported that Heze East Railway Station plans to open 23 pairs of passenger trains, including 16 pairs of trains, 3 pairs of direct trains and 4 pairs of peak line.At present, heze high-speed railway connected to the following stations:Heze east, juye, zhuang village north, south, rongcheng city, weihai, MouPing, yantai laiyang, lacey, qingzhou, zibo, jinan, jinan jinan, east, west, QuFuDong, QuFuNa, jining, jining north east, south of Beijing, taian, zibo, weifang, summer area, linyi fei county north, mengshan, QuFuNa, jinghang canal north, north, Qingdao airport, Qingdao north, east, south of tianjin, tianjin west Texas,Binhai west, Binhai North, Tangshan, Luanhe, Qinhuangdao, Shanhaiguan, Jinzhou South, Tai ‘an, Shenyang north, Siping east, Changchun west, Dehui west, Shuangcheng north, Harbin west, Anda, Daqing west, Qiqihar south and so on.