In Beijing, a total of 30 local cases have been reported in five districts, with two families infected

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At the 289th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on March 13, Yang Peng, deputy director of The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that since March 7, a total of 30 local COVID-19 cases have been reported in Beijing, involving five districts and six transmission chains imported from outside Beijing.Presents the point many area wide characteristic.In one chain of transmission, two entire families were infected;In the other transmission chain, there were many activities of the first cases after they returned to Beijing, involving many crowded places such as auto parts city, food city and seafood market, with a large number of close contacts, which increased the difficulty of prevention and control.The first case in the transmission chain had dinner together after returning to Beijing, which triggered a cluster of outbreaks. Four out of 10 people who had dinner together have been confirmed.(Reporter Liu Suya Intern reporter He Rui)