Pinglu traffic police brigade held after the festival “heart”

2022-06-01 0 By

Yellow River News Network Shuozhou news (correspondent Zhao Xiang) February 7, is the 2022 Spring Festival after the first day of work, Pinglu traffic police brigade held a post-holiday “heart reception”, brigade leadership members, the squadron, the head of the office attended the meeting.Meeting requirements: one is to quickly take heart, into the state of work.The Spring Festival has ended, all the people, auxiliary police to timely take heart, overcome the lazy, falling into the mood after the festival, adjust their own state, with full spirit into the work.Second, continue to promote the implementation of the Provisions of the Ministry of Public Security on the Prohibition of illegal banquets and drinking, requiring all police to keep in mind and implement them.Third, strengthen road inspection and control efforts to create a good traffic environment for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Fourth, strengthen discipline and style education, do a good job in team management.After the meeting, the leaders of each squadron, office and office should immediately convey the spirit of the meeting to each civilian and auxiliary police, and continue to implement the requirements of educational rectification.[Edit: Feng Ying]