The list of Chinese athletes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has been confirmed

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The Chinese delegation to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has been officially announced, with a total of 387 athletes, including 176 athletes.The event, which has been eagerly awaited by the Chinese people for six and a half years, has become the largest Winter Olympics in the history of The Chinese sports delegation.Who are the athletes?The task of “participating in all events” is completed, who will march toward the goal of “outstanding”, who has the most hope to let the five-star red flag rise, or even let the national anthem sing in the Olympic stadium?The following is the list of Chinese delegation athletes.Short track speed skating team (10) female athletes: Zhang Yuting, fan can be new, QuChunYu, Zhang Chutong, yu hon tung male athletes: Wu Dajing, let all, Sun Long, cb, Zhang Tianyi speed skating team (14) female athletes: han mei, Li Qishi, gold beijing-zhuhai, monica, o Tian Rui ning, PeiChong, human resource, and na, mike o male athletes:Gao Ting yu, NingZhongYan, LianZiWen, hao-tian wang, did xu fu, Yang tao figure skating team (8) female athletes: SuiWenJing, Ken peng, Wang Shiyue, Zhu Yi male athletes: Han Cong, at, gold dapao, LiuXinYu team (12) female athletes: yu hon, Dong Ziji, Zhang Lijun, Jiang Xindi, Wang Rui, male athletes Fan Su circle:Ma Xiuyue, Zou Qiang, Wang Zhiyu, Xu Jingtao, Jiang Dongxu, Ling Zhi Men’s Hockey Team (25 players)The handsome, LuoJia, blessing, Steve wyrick, take, Ye Jinguang, Taylor wang, Dennis osipov, Zhang Zesen, Britain such as dysprosium, 闫俊丞, Zhong Wei wynn, Jeremy Smith, the class, jack kelly osborne, Ryan, raul, yuan junjie, liu jie, Zheng Enlai, Chen Zi, ning, YanRui male, peng-fei han, item kyokuto peng-fei zhang, hockey women (23)Female athletes: Zhang Mengying, GuanYingYing, He Xin, li qian hua, in BaiWei, new, Wang Yuqing, rui, Lin Qiqi, Greene, Rebecca, Hu Baozhen, miller, Zhang Xifang, Kang Mulan, karena lam, Liu Zhixin, Zhao Qinan, Wang Yuting, Huang Huier, Anna, Zhou Jiaying, Chen twips her freestyle skiing aerial skill team (7 person) female athletes:Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu, Shao Qi Male Athletes: Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu, Sun Jiaxu, Wang Xindi Moguls Freestyle skiing Team (2 members) Female Athletes: Li Nan Male Athletes: Zhao Yang Halfpipe Freestyle skiing team (8 members) Female Athletes: Gu Ailing, Zhang Kaxin, Li Fanghui, Wu Meng Male Athletes:Mao Bingqiang, Sun Jingbo, Wang Haizhuo, He Bing freestyle ski jumping and slope surface barrier technique team (3) female athletes: GuAiLing (and), Yang Shuorui male athletes: He Jinbo freestyle skiing obstacle chase team (2) female athletes: jean valjean bonanza, PuRui snowboarding disorder chase team (1) female athletes:With green lahm snowboarding u-shaped venue team (7 person) female athletes: Liu Jiayu, Cai Xuetong, high cold, Wu Shaotong male athletes: Wang Ziyang valley, the big platform, fei school snowboarding and slope problems skills team (2) female athletes: jung male athletes: Su Yi sound snowboarding parallel g team (3) female athletes: GongNaiYing, male athletes Zang thy heart:BiYe winter two teams (8) female athletes: ChuYuanMeng, Meng Fanqi, Tang Jialin, Ding Yu huan male athletes: fang-ming cheng, 闫星 yuan, Thomas, I zhu yu platform ski team (3) female athletes: eless, male athletes: Peng Qingyue Song Qiwu Nordic combined corps (1) male athletes: Zhao Jiawen alpine ski team (4 person) female athletes:Kong Fan shadow, NiYue male athletes: aluminum, Xu Mingfu snow even team (14) female athletes: should be clear, bosom, Wang Xuan, Du Jiani, obviously Tan Yinghui male athletes: Sun Jiezhi, Li Chunjian, Shi Hao, Liu Wei, Wu Zhitao, Wu Qingze, ZhenHeng, Ding Song, Ye Jielong steel snow team (4 person) female athletes: Li Yu sunseeker, Zhao Dannan athletes:Yan Wengang and Yin Zheng Bobsled Team (4 members) Female Athletes: Wang Peixuan Male Athletes: Fan Duoyao, Huang Yebo and Peng Junyue Cross-country Ski Team (12 members) Female Athletes: Li Xin, Chi Chunxue, Deniger Iramujiang, Bayani Jialin, Ma Qinghua and Chen Shuang Male Athletes:Wang Qiang, Shang Jincai, Hades Badrihan, Chen Degen, Liu Rongsheng, Ciren zhandui, they deserve you to lock the Winter Olympics without changing the channel!Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Sui wenjing/Han Cong missed out on the gold medal by 0.43 points;Four years later, they returned to the Olympic season with The Golden Bridge over Sorrow, which they skated on during the 2016-17 season.This song is the first time they reached the podium of the world Championship freestyle skating song, the old song and the new composition, narrated how the “green bucket” under the injury troubled how to support each other, grow together.In 2018, Sui wenjing was forced to undergo major surgery immediately after the PyeongChang Olympics because of a fatigue fracture in her right foot, and Han Cong had hip surgery two years later.Pairs champion Sui Wenjing (R)/Han Cong of China show their gold medal after the awarding ceremony of the 2021-2022 Season Figure skating Grand Prix in Italy, Nov 7, 2021.The two have said that the original intention of composing the song five years ago was because Sui wenjing was just going through an injury at that time, and Han Cong became the “bridge” that helped her get out of her predicament.This cycle, both have different injuries, each other became the “bridge” of each other.”It’s not just between us, it’s between us and the audience, it’s between us and the judges, it’s between everyone on our team.”Sui wenjing said, “We also want the bridge to be built between everyone, to give each other warmth.”From the middle of October 2021 Beijing Olympic test events and skating Asian open, to the Canadian grand prix, the Italian grand prix, SuiWenJing/Han Cong three times in less than a month’s time on the highest podium, two people suffer from the energy, the physical test and also be inspire more and more good state and towards Olympics highest goals determination.In the latest world rankings, Sui wenjing/Han Cong and another Chinese Olympic pair, Peng Cheng/Jin Yang, are ranked third and fifth respectively. The other three spots in the top five are occupied by three Russian pairs, including reigning champion Alexei Mysina/Aleksander Galliamov.The battle between China and Russia will be the main theme of the pairs skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will open at the Capital Gymnasium on February 4.Short track speed skating: Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing won 13 gold MEDALS in the history of the Chinese Winter Olympic Team, 12 of them came from short track speed skating, figure skating and speed skating, especially the short track speed skating with 10 gold MEDALS in hand.Since Yang Yang’s victory in Salt Lake City in 2002, China’s short track team has won gold MEDALS in every Winter Olympics since then.This Olympic cycle, the Chinese short-track team has gone through two twists and turns, but the team, the king of ice and snow, remains a strong team in the 2021-2022 season.In the four World Cup races, ren Ziwei, a rising force, has won gold MEDALS in each race, including two of the highest podium in men’s 1500 meters.Pyeongchang Olympic champion Wu Dajing rallied in the final race to win the men’s 500m.The duo also secured a berth in the Beijing Winter Olympics with their World Cup victories.China’s Ren Ziwei (L) and Wu Dajing attend the medal ceremony of the Short Track Speed Skating World Cup in Nagoya on Oct 31, 2021.The first gold medal in short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics will be awarded on The evening of February 5 in the 2,000-meter mixed relay, which is China’s strongest overall strength.After winning two gold MEDALS, one silver and one bronze MEDALS in the mixed relay in four World Cup races this season, the Chinese can expect a golden whirlwind led by the red king’s team.Speed skating: Ning Zhongyan, Gao Ting Yu, women’s team pursuit from the unknown to the leading figure, almost “00” Ning Zhongyan is worthy of the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle jumped into the public view of the speed skating star.In 2018, she was selected to the Chinese Speed skating Team. In 2019, she won the silver medal of men’s 1,000m in Minsk, Belarus at the Speed Skating World Cup, making breakthrough progress in this event for China.In 2021, the result of his hard training will be proudly displayed on the international ice rink.With two gold and two silver MEDALS in the men’s 1,500m and 1,000m events and a personal best time in the 1,000m in Calgary, Ning Zhongyan is leading China’s quest for gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics.China’s Ning Zhongyan competes on March 8, 2020.Gao Tingyu, who won China’s first Olympic medal in men’s speed skating at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is also worth waiting for.The 24-year-old speed skating veteran has won a gold medal and a silver medal in the men’s 500m this season despite missing some World Cup events.We have reason to expect him to improve in Beijing.In addition, in the women’s team pursuit, The Chinese team this season had the World Cup points won the medal performance.”You can expect something from us,” said Li Yan, head coach of China’s speed skating team at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Since Han Xiaopeng and Li Nina, China’s competitiveness in freestyle skiing has been concentrated in the aerials, but this Winter Olympics is expected to break the tradition thanks to Gu Ailing.Since early in 2020 in Holly to shine the meeting GuAiLing continues with a strong performance, at the beginning of last year, the world games limit and freestyle skiing world championship of the more gold MEDALS, but also in freestyle ski jumping World Cup this season the United States, bothe Calgary, u-shaped ground World Cup stand benjani etc.And 18 years old she in halfpipe, platform, slopestyle steeplechase three small have strong strength, both for The Chinese team “save” to participate in the quota at the same time, but also make China’s snow events in the Winter Olympics gold point suddenly increased three.Gu Ailing of China celebrates after scoring 92.80 points to win the women’s halfpipe at the IAF Freestyle Skiing World Cup in Calgary, Canada, Jan 1, 2018.And in the air, China’s traditional strength, the host nation’s overall strength was no less impressive in its quest for gold.In the World Cup last December, The Chinese national team, which had been absent for a long time because of the epidemic, won two gold MEDALS in the mixed team event, which was newly added to the Winter Olympics, showing its superior depth.Xu Mengtao, who will be competing in her fourth Winter Olympics, and kong Fanyu, 28, are also shining in their pursuit of their Olympic dreams, having won the women’s individual title.Just five days ago, Guinness World Records announced that Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming had been certified for her 1,980 degree grip.Earlier, the 17-year-old teenager in veneer big platform in the United States, bothe station every golden, become a standing in the project is China’s first World Cup champion podium, then won the veneer World Cup championship season, and the slope surface barrier technique World Cup RACES to Calgary, Canada Beijing Olympic qualification requirements.In Beijing, he will seek “his own unique light”.Su Yiming competes in the men’s slopestyle final of the Snowboard World Cup in Lakers, Switzerland, Jan. 15, 2019.In addition, Liu Jiayu and CAI Xuetong, a pair of women’s snowboarding “twin stars”, will compete in the Winter Olympics with the identity of “four dynasties veteran”.In Pyeongchang four years ago, they finished second and fifth in the women’s halfpipe, respectively, setting their respective best records.Sources: Xinhua News Agency (Name list of Chinese sports delegation for Beijing Winter Olympics;”They, you should lock the Winter Olympics do not change the channel — The Chinese Winter Olympics delegation in these people deserve special attention”, reporters Zhang Han, Li Chunyu, Wang Chunyan;”Not to be missed! The Chinese Ice and Snow Team of Beijing Winter Olympics is coming”, copywriter Li Xu, Wang Jianbing, Wang Meng, Diao Wenjing, Zhang Yi (intern), design Bao Yugang)