A case in Putian, Fujian province, was taken criminal compulsory measures

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Source: XinhuaFuzhou, March 31 (Xinhua) — A new coronavirus case in Putian city, Fujian Province, has been confirmed as the latest in a series of deadly coronavirus cases.As a result, two people have been infected and more than 200 people have been closely connected with confirmed cases. Criminal measures have been taken.According to the notification, on March 29, a man surnamed Zeng was found to be a confirmed case in putian’s Hanjiang district when nucleic acid tests were conducted on people returning to Putian from other provinces and cities.Via checking, Zeng Mou went to Shanghai on March 15, 25, symptoms of cough, runny nose, 27, a hospital in Shanghai early screening positive nucleic acid detection, 28 morning informed related units, Shanghai nucleic acid refused to cooperate, after checking in knowing that may have been infected with will be under the condition of coronavirus, on 28th for D3205 time train left Shanghai to putian,Then I took an online taxi home.According to the circular, Zeng’s actions have caused 201 people in the train compartment to be connected closely, caused his wife Li and the online taxi driver Zhao to be infected with novel coronavirus in Putian, and caused 10 people to be connected closely, and other serious consequences. Zeng’s actions have violated relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, causing serious impact on epidemic prevention and control.According to relevant laws, Zeng was suspected of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and the public security organ has registered the case for investigation and taken criminal compulsory measures.Editor in charge: Zheng Xin