A woman in Shandong jumped into the sea on New Year’s Day because of family chores.

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A woman in Shandong jumped into the sea on New Year’s Day because of family chores.A woman in Qingdao jumped into the sea on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Internet users have been talking about trivial family matters, but many of them are also very upset, bad, affect mood, work, and even lead to extreme incidents.Happy families are all alike, while unhappy families are all different.A woman jumped into the sea due to a family matter in Qingdao, Shandong province, but was rescued by police in time.Such a cold weather, the man jumped into the sea, was also enthusiastic aunt, the crowd on the spot to persuade, dissuade, or a life would have been lost.The woman, 41, is middle-aged, and netizens are abutting about it.”Turning 40 is a stressful time,” some netizens said. “I have to deal with the pressure of living beyond my means and being insolvent. Walking away is irresponsible, irresponsible and evasive.”Take life seriously and trust that it will get better each day.This net friend is more optimistic, cheerful, positive, but the family is not necessarily such as living beyond their means, insolvency, not necessarily economic problems, may be emotional disputes, or contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or is suffering from serious illness, terminal illness of what.But no matter what, a good death is better than living, can not be hard, go to the road of no return, you go, sad parents, children, family.Some netizens said, “I’m tired alive, I can’t help it. I won’t urge my children to get married in the future.Some people love to say this, which is an unhappy marriage, unhappy family.You can’t put that in other people, you can’t put that in children, just because you’re unhappy.You are not happy, you can work hard to change, change, can not be negative destruction, but also teach their children not to marry, this is not adding to the mess?Bachelor, single, I think is not happy, so may bring fear of marriage to children.Can not bitter hatred, should spread sunshine, positive, positive, mainstream, ability of things.Another netizen said that he was an only child, and his parents adopted him. His 75-year-old father was hospitalized twice last year, and he was really tired to work and support his family alone.Fortunately, there is no mortgage, or I can’t stand it. I don’t even have a piece of clothes for Chinese New Year. The monthly expenses are too big.I don’t know who my biological parents are, but you have adoptive parents and are not happy.Old person is old, affirmation should be ill be in hospital, human nature, this net friend is not family trivia, however family big event is difficult, also be economic problem.Basically be the problem that old person sees a doctor, old person does not have social security, you can buy commercial insurance, such burden is met a few smaller.New Year did not have new clothes, you buy online, a lot of very cheap, dozens or even ten dollars a piece, you get a new, inside and outside the new can not spend a few money.You want to be what brand, famous brand that affirmation gets thousands even tens of thousands, network general product, hundreds even 100, 200 is enough.Other netizens said that the husband is incompetent, problems, the news did not mention the husband, you can not blame everything on the husband.Life is your own, not a weapon used to hurt yourself and your partner. If you lose your feelings, you have to leave and let others have a chance to live.It was a family affair, not a marital affair, a marital affair.Wuhan has a woman, because the old lady raises a dog, she is afraid, scolded by the old lady, jumped off the building, that is also a husband problem, marriage love problem?Marriage problems, not only the husband, the man, the woman you can take the initiative, can repair, can be gentle, can be gentle.Love needs to be managed, insured and maintained. You can’t always feel romantic and passionate.Marriage is life. You can’t fall in love every day and treat you like a princess every day. Besides, women get old and beautiful.Some netizens said, more sympathy for the police on duty today, this is not a matter for the police, encounter criminals, they are not on, this is also jump into the sea, and the woman has been enthusiastic masses persuaded to the shore.That is, ideological and political work, patient education.Another netizen said that the festival is originally a happy event, but many traditional customs and old people’s habits are really annoying, and if there is a strong mother-in-law, it will be a disaster.But do not seek death, a good life is the best revenge, good mother, children will be good.It seems that the netizen’s relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very tense, mother-in-law is also relatively strong, one hundred years daughter-in-law boil into a woman, she mixed out how to do?She is strong, that you have no status, a lot of customs, that is the big family, may be more rules, a rich family deep as the sea, you injustice daughter-in-law can say what, thousands of years so.Also revenge?In my opinion, we should try our best to sort out and repair the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. If it is impossible, you will go back to your parents’ home after having the Lunar New Year dinner and live in their parents’ home for a long time. If you stay with your mother for a long time, you will still get annoyed and quarrel all the same.You might be better off living on your own.That also can be lonely and lonely, person lifetime, which have what all wishful, I also have a lot of trivia very vexed, that don’t be indifferent, halcyon, you can read a book, watch TV, write, play games, listen to music, really vexed, can go out for a walk.The world doesn’t revolve around you, and most of the time, you have to follow the others.Others say that Chinese family matters are the most annoying in the world.Family trouble, unit matter, work matter might as well, you do business, you do writing might as well, social things are more complex, unit matter is more complex, people alive to survive, a lot of things are complex.You can’t adapt to society, you can’t be higher, faster, stronger, difficulties are like springs, you strong he yellow, why should yield to difficulties, to rise to the difficulties, the sea cross, only to show the true character of hero.Many netizens are making fun of the incident, but they are actually talking about their own business. Some netizens praised the police, thinking that they should not be involved in the police. I think they may be the police or their family members.Indeed, the police and many public officials, including all private business owners, are still busy at work during the New Year. We should extend our festive greetings and praise to those who have protected the safety of thousands of families and ensured a happy holiday for all.However, if someone is still working during the Spring Festival, why do you feel annoyed? Just because of family affairs and trifles, if you have to go to work, you will feel even more annoyed.So don’t bother, but to calm life is not lonely, the essence of bother, I feel or individualism, spoiled, think the world should be around themselves, but in fact, most of the time, you have to pay, you have to sacrifice, not everyone has the obligation to must do everything for you, for you and play in the sky, not everyone is your father mother,In-laws, husbands and children can’t be the same to you as your parents!You can’t be weak, you should choose to be strong!| kundera media (2153 words) Ljfeng other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.