Oil price adjustment news: today February 7, the national gas station adjusted 92, 95 gasoline new prices

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Oil price update today: Today February 7th, Monday.U.S. WTI March 2022 crude oil futures rose $0.21, or 0.23%, to $92.52 per barrel in electronic trading Monday as of 12 a.m. Feb 7.London Brent crude for April 2022 was up 57 cents, or 0.61 percent, at $93.84 a barrel.The latest news of international oil price: under the help of non-agricultural data last week, investors increased long positions, multiple positive, oil prices maintain a bullish tone, this week pay attention to the crude oil market three monthly reports, can once again for the upward power of oil prices, if the three monthly data positive, oil prices are expected to stand at 100 mark this week.Third round in 2022 oil price adjustment statistics: time for a new price adjustment: on February 17, 24, was the recent international oil prices jumped break through the $90 mark, the influence of oil price adjustment latest statistics data continues to rise.The latest statistics show that the oil price is expected to increase by 155 yuan per ton, which has significantly exceeded the upward adjustment line of 50 yuan per ton.Oil prices statistical cycle of 10 working days, now just for 2 working days, and 80% of the time, the current oil prices expected to rise more than 1 cents per litre, the whole, oil prices continued to rise, if international oil prices failed to fall again, next let statistics to oil prices drop, so first will continue to rise in the price adjustment after the Spring Festival.Tell friends and family that gas prices will rise again after the Spring Festival.92,95 gasoline and diesel prices hit another three-year high!Below small make up take you to see after rising petrol stations across the country 92 gasoline and 95 gasoline and diesel oil on Feb. 7 provinces and cities all over the country gasoline price list: February 7 provinces and cities all over the country diesel price list: finally look at domestic oil prices: on February 7, today let’s look at the parts of gasoline and diesel price;The price of fukien six-95 gasoline today is 8.15 yuan/liter;Fujian guoliu 98 gasoline price today is 8.89 yuan/liter;Henan 92 gasoline 7.91 yuan/liter, 95 gasoline 8.45 yuan/liter, 0 diesel 7.58 yuan/liter;Hubei 92 gasoline 7.90 yuan/liter;95 gasoline 8.46 yuan/liter;No.0 diesel 7.57 yuan/liter.