Simple games presented a wonderful Winter Olympics

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In Beijing, the “City of Both Olympics”, the splendid Winter Olympics is in full swing.”Simple, safe and wonderful” is China’s promise to the world.As COVID-19 has yet to be fully contained, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG) is committed to providing good conditions for athletes in terms of venue construction, training conditions and epidemic prevention to ensure the safety of all participants.In the women’s 1500m speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 7, Dutch champion Joanne Worcester set an Olympic record of 1:53.28 and successfully defended her title.The winners of the women’s 3,000m and men’s 5,000m also set Olympic records.Breaking the Olympic record in three days, many athletes said that the ice ribbon “the fastest ice” is also one of the help.Behind the wonderful event, there is a strong “simple wind”.The national Speed Skating Hall uses advanced carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling technology to make ice, which can save nearly 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year compared with traditional ice making technology, and can also keep the temperature difference between the ice surface within 0.5 degrees Celsius.On the speed skating rink, the smaller the temperature difference is, the smoother the ice surface is, the more uniform the hardness is, and the better the athletes can give full play to their strength.Use simplicity to create brilliance — a case in point in Beijing’s preparations for the Winter Olympics., for example, big to directly serve the competition pressure machine, snow caused, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, fence of alpine skiing sports equipment, such as small to catering, transport, the torch relay, health and epidemic prevention, operation, and ensure the necessary goods, Beijing games organizers are adhere to the “can not rent, can rent not buy, can merge purchase merger purchase” principle,Minimize waste of resources.”About 70% of all materials and materials are leased, and the overall capital saving rate of procurement projects is more than 10%.”Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee logistics minister Li Yanling said.On the premise of reducing costs, the functional design and material selection of material products are also considered.Ice hockey locker is a strong functional requirement of furniture.During a visit to the locker room at Wukesong Sports Center before the closing of the stadium, the reporter noticed that there are two long hooks protruding from the top of the locker, which can be used for placing ice skates. The plastic covers on the hooks can protect the skates from damage.Not only such, locker still clever increase soft bag cushion and back of a chair design, after the seat is lifted, lower part is a large store content space.This thoughtful locker is also the unique design of wukesong Sports Center.”Due to the nature of the game, each team carries a large amount of equipment, so each team must have its own locker room during the game.In the design of the stadium, there is a special channel from the training ground to the Wukesong Sports Center, which is convenient for players to quickly travel to and from the stadium and locker rooms.”Song Jiaye, deputy director of Venue Construction department of Beijing Major projects Office.The opening ceremony has always been one of the highlights of the Olympic Games.Different from previous games, the opening ceremony of The Beijing Winter Olympics was relatively shortened, and artistic performances were naturally integrated into the process and ceremony.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was warmer and more leisurely than the 2008 Games, simple and beautiful.”It’s not the biggest or the most performed, but it shows the warmth of humanity in difficult times and the courage to face the future together.”Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said this.The simplicity of the opening ceremony is just one detail of the “frugal” concept of the Beijing Winter Olympics.As an important ceremony and activity of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the torch relay plan of this Year’s Winter Olympic Games also presents new features in accordance with the requirements of “simple, safe and wonderful”.”Torch plan to carry out the contracted to handle the demand, in guarantee the relay was to spread the Olympic spirit, show the national image, enhance the sense of national pride and cohesion, stimulate the masses attention, support and participation, and so on at the same time, from set out actually, adapting to new demand of epidemic next Olympic organising, make full use of existing conditions and resources, simplifying the scale, prominent characteristics,Try to make the relay ‘simple and exciting’.””Said Wang Xiangyu, deputy director of the Cultural activities department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.”The medal ceremony is a highlight of an Olympic event and the best way to congratulate and pay tribute to the winning athletes.”High said Beijing games organizing committee, vice minister of culture activities, the Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic games ceremony with “snow glory” as the theme of creative, elements of the overall design reflects the appearance, concise and easy, intimate practical functions, the material, environmental protection, such as sustainable features, with gleaming MEDALS, showing China’s etiquette culture unique charm.Under the key projects of “Science and Technology Winter Olympics”, many scientific and technological applications, such as robot disinfection, aerosol detection and ultraviolet disinfection, have ensured the epidemic prevention and security of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Intelligent sense-controlled robots shuttled around the venue, performing precise environmental elimination tasks;Intelligent perception terminal can realize functions such as close contact screening;Using artificial intelligence and big data analysis technology, smart temperature stickers can monitor the temperature of key groups for 24 hours.Zhao Chengfang, deputy director of medical and epidemic prevention in the operation team of the Capital Stadium, said that the capital Stadium has standardized the epidemic prevention and control measures in specific scenes and locations, and integrated epidemic prevention and control into each unit of the event.”Through strict measures such as remote control, closed management, classified control and fixed point assembly, we strive to achieve ‘no overlapping of partitions, no crossing of streamline, strict interface control and no crossing of personnel’.”The Bioaerosol Novel Coronavirus monitoring system has also been installed in various venues and temporary monitoring stations have been set up to provide comprehensive testing guarantee for the Games.The system can collect and detect bioaerosols in the air, said Liu Peng, a researcher at the Department of biomedical Engineering at Tsinghua University School of Medicine.If weakly positive or positive samples are found in the test, the laboratory will immediately communicate with the epidemic prevention department and start a series of epidemic prevention procedures such as environmental eradication and personnel testing as soon as possible.Zhu Jianhong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said scientific epidemic prevention is an important prerequisite for a successful Beijing Winter Olympics.”We organized epidemic prevention technology research, expert argumentation, field testing and other forms, such as temperature detection, environmental disinfection, pathogen detection, promote a number of technology application, and develop scientific and technological support for the Beijing Olympics epidemic prevention and control work, to guarantee all run competitions, participating, watching the epidemic prevention security.”(Economic Daily Reporter Han Bingzhi)