The first shot of the 2022 universe after tomorrow?What’s it like to spend Spring Festival in a virtual world

2022-06-02 0 By

The metadverse is definitely one of the hottest and most talked about new concepts in 2022.According to the latest news, Facebook and Microsoft have both confirmed that they are working on an “enterprise meta-universe.” In other words, if the meta-universe ever comes to life, it’s likely that the first application will be in the corporate office, rather than the “game world” we’ve been dreaming of.This news somewhat depressed me, in the real world have to move bricks, in the virtual world still have to be a club animal?I urge Zuckerberg to “rattail juice” and apply the metasverse to eating and drinking!Wouldn’t it be nice if we could celebrate a special Spring Festival with people from all over the world in the meta-universe?!Not to mention, there’s actually a game in China that puts this idea into practice.That is the wasteland survival mobile game after Tomorrow.According to the latest news, “After Tomorrow” will be released on January 27, the latest version of tomorrow Spring Festival, in this new version, the world will be able to gather together for the first time in the game’s waste land version of the “ship new” version of the new dimensional Spring Festival!In the wasteland world, monsters roam around transportation hubs and the journey home is fraught with danger.Therefore, we must work together to remove threats near major transportation hubs and unlock the world’s Spring Festival transportation network before we can safely set foot on the road home.After a perilous journey, the return to camp is an endless carnival.After tomorrow, after the Spring Festival of different dimensions, you can also have a party with friends and strangers, rafting, skiing, horseback riding, snowball fights…In the game one dragon play all.Finally, there is even a “fireworks display” featuring waste land.There are no serious fireworks in wasteland, so what exactly are fireworks here?Go to the game to find out.According to gossip, the fireworks show is unique, and the more players spend their spring in the game, the bigger it gets!According to the momentum of “After Tomorrow”, xiaobian dare to guess, like the mythical beast such as Nian, may appear in the game!When in the game to the year beast pet is not impossible?!