Tips on further normalizing epidemic prevention and control

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Residents of the county: COVID-19 is still spreading, and the prevention and control work remains a long and arduous task.Especially around the Spring Festival, when the flow of people is intense, in order to earnestly implement all epidemic prevention and control policies, prevent imported cases and rebound at home, firmly guard the bottom line of “zero epidemic”, do a good job in personal protection, protect health and life safety, and consolidate the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements, I reiterate the following.1. People returning to their hometowns should report for registration, check their health codes, travel cards, nucleic acid tests and vaccination, actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, do a good job of home medical observation and health monitoring, and refrain from going to public places and participating in group activities.Second, adults should take the initiative to understand the situation of the epidemic and the prevention and control requirements, do not go out or gather when it is not necessary, avoid going to or passing through medium-high risk areas when they have to go out, take strict personal protection measures, avoid taking public transport, and effectively reduce the risk of infection.Three, as far as possible to reduce outdoor activities, less visiting, less gathering, nip in the bud.Pay attention to self-health monitoring, in case of fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste) loss of sleep, diarrhea and other suspicious symptoms, you should take the initiative to wear masks, do a good job of personal protection, timely seek medical treatment nearby.4. Adhere to good health habits such as “wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, gather less, use chopsticks”, pay attention to ventilation and cleaning in public places and at home, equip with protective equipment such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant, maintain safe social distancing, and effectively reduce the risk of infection.5. Conscientiously implement the “10 normal 30 measures for epidemic prevention and control”, take the initiative to scan the “place code”, show the “health code” and “travel card” when entering and leaving public places, cooperate with the registration and passage measures of bright code, and take personal protection in crowded places to prevent the spread of the epidemic.6. During the epidemic period, refrain from unnecessary online shopping, especially from goods from overseas and high-risk areas in China, as well as cold-chain food and goods, to reduce the risk of infection in logistics and express delivery links and minimize the possibility of contact with infection sources.Take good personal protection when removing parts, disinfect the parts outdoors first, do not take the outer package home, and timely wash hands, disinfection and other safety protection measures.Office of Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Leading Group of Cheng ‘an County February 3, 2022 ◕ Editor: Cheng Xiaohui ◕ Editor: Chang Hutao ◕ Final Review: Cheng Shuxia ◕ Signed by: Li Jie ◕ Telephone: 0310–8605775 EMAIL: Email of Rong Media Center of Cheng ‘an County