Fast New Year’s day, old people’s money “door”!

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A few days ago after a heavy snow, Beijing has become a world of snow.Liu Sujuan and Zhang Ying, employees of the Postal Savings Bank of China’s Yanqing District branch in Beijing, didn’t have time to enjoy the snow. They counted out a batch of RMB early and put different amounts into small pockets.Just like the pension payment day every month, at 10:00 a.m. on this day, Liu Sujuan and Zhang Ying will go to Yishouyuan Apartment for the elderly in Yanqing District to deliver the monthly pension for the disabled here.”I’ve heard from my old teacher that the sub-branch will deliver pensions to disabled elderly people every month.Today, I can take up my post with honor.”Although she is a new employee who has only been on the job for a few months, Zhang Ying is skilled in drawing money, counting and packaging at one go.”Aunt Cao, you’ve been waiting a long time. It’s snowing today and the road is not easy.Here’s your pension. Count it.”Liu Sujuan greeted her cordially.Hearing the sound, blind old cao Feng will be overjoyed, excited to stand up, said: “Su Juan came ah, no need to count, but also can trust you ah.When we were in the factory, you sent them to the factory. Now when the demolition has been removed, you send them all the way to the door.”According to Cao, over the years, staff at PSBC Yanqing Branch have never delayed in delivering pensions to the disabled, regardless of weather.”Hello, Aunt Cao, I’m Zhang Ying, a new employee.The Year of the Tiger is just around the corner, and the epidemic situation is still serious.This time I will bring you some masks printed with little tigers. I wish you good health and prosperity in the year of tiger.”The arrival of bank staff let Cao Feng will be particularly happy.”Thank you, little girl, and happy New Year to you too!”Cao fenghui took Zhang Ying’s hand and said kindly.Zhang Ying, who participated in sending money service for the first time, felt that today’s work was fresh and touched.She had not expected the warm scene before her.Liu Sujuan was able to clearly remember the preferences and family situations of each disabled elderly person. Zhang Ying felt that these elderly people were not only customers of the branch, but also relatives of the branch.It is understood that there are still many disabled elderly people like Cao Auntie in yanqing Welfare Factory. These blind, deaf and dumb disabled elderly people, their children are not around for a long time, so it is very inconvenient for them to deposit or withdraw money.In 2000, The Beijing Yanqing Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank counted and screened the disabled elderly in the agency households one by one, and selected the elderly with inconvenient travel and absent children as the key statistical objects. Finally, 14 elderly people from the Yanqing Welfare Factory became the service objects of the Yanqing Branch.Over the past 22 years, the staff of The Yanqing Branch of PSBC has delivered the pension to every disabled elderly person in an orderly, timely and accurate manner.”In order to further help these disabled elderly people solve their difficulties in life, under the premise of obtaining authorization, we make our services as detailed as possible.”A person in charge of PSBC’s Yanqing District Branch in Beijing said that the payment team will put the pension money into different pockets for blind customers, and help them handle deposits, pay telephone bills, water and electricity bills as required.”I will continue to take responsibility and care.”Zhang Ying made a solemn promise.The service to send money to the door is yanqing District branch for 22 years to adhere to the warmth of love is the inheritance of generations of postal storage people everyone is watching the horse team worth brushing the screen, we also have!If this bank reduces, will other banks follow suit?5 cases involving illegal tax exposure!The amount involved is staggering source: Financial Times Client Reporter: Zhao Meng Editor: Li Liujia Yu Jiaxin Proofread: Yu Jiaxin email: Follow the FINANCIAL Times official account for more exclusive information