He was called “Feng Baiwan” when he was young, but now his children are living on the streets. His son asks for it

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84-year-old Von Duan was a famous local rich man when he was young, and he kept changing wives after he became rich.He has two sons and a daughter from three marriages, but he hasn’t been a father to any of them.Now Feng De ‘an is old, no care of him a few days ago fainted in the street, with the help of good samaritans were temporarily placed in the nursing home, now the elderly are in urgent need of care, the children are willing to put down the past grievances?The old man’s eldest son called Feng Yuewen, Feng De ‘an old man thought he was still good, the old man thought the eldest son should assume the responsibility of taking care of themselves.Twinkling of an eye has lived in a nursing home for a month, the community tried to communicate with feng’s children, but did not get a reply.In order to help the helpless old man, the reporter found the eldest son Feng Yuewen.Now over 60, Feng’s parents divorced when he was a year old and his grandmother raised him.At this point, Feng Yue-wen’s eyes began to tear up. For decades, father and son had no contact. Feng Yue-wen only knew that his father had several marriages and had a son and a daughter.Three children in feng De ‘an only to the youngest daughter to do the duty of raising, in Feng Yuewen’s heart he did not deserve to be called father.Even in the 1990s, when he was rich and known locally as “Feng Baiwan”, Von Duan was not a father to his two sons.It is unfair for Feng to bear the burden of his father’s retirement alone. Feng said they can discuss their father’s retirement when they get together.At this time Fung Duan was sitting in the car not far away, even if father and son close at hand, Feng Yue-wen did not want to see his father.It seems that there is a deep hatred between father and son. Is it true that Von Duan went so far when he was young?Feng De ‘an said that although he did not ask about his son, but on time to the home money as his son’s living expenses.Under the reporter’s persuasion Feng Yuewen agreed to meet with his father, the two people looked at each other through the window, Feng Duan got off after Feng Yuewen began to tell their grievances over the years.From the beginning of her parents abandoned her, to when she was forced to work, never received a penny of living expenses from her father, Feng Yuewen can be said to be an orphan of both parents.Later, his grandmother and uncle died, but his father never showed up. Feng had no choice but to plan his own funeral.In the face of his son’s accusations feng De ‘an did not refute, he thought his mother raised Feng Yuewen is to see their own face, so even if they did not do a little obligation, the son should support him.Hearing what his father said, Feng did not want to say more, or decided to wait for his younger brother and sister to come to discuss.After all, it was his father, and even though feng was stubborn, he did not want to meet the 84-year-old man. Finally, he put his arm around his father’s shoulders and put him into the car.Von Duan told reporters that he did make millions in business at the beginning, but with the change of The Times these money also lost.His second marriage ended when he was imprisoned.The second son adopted to his mute uncle, renamed Sun Junbo.Then the reporter called the old man’s second son, he said and Feng yuewen.When he was young, Feng said that he did not need his son to provide for the aged. In Sun Junbo’s opinion, his father was a very selfish person.Even if the father is so ruthless, Sun Junbo still can’t bear to see him homeless, said that they can discuss their father’s pension problems with their siblings.The only one who kept him was feng Bo, the daughter of his last wife.He devotes almost all of his paternal love to his daughter and has high hopes for her.Feng Bo grew up to take care of the elderly for a period of time, but they encountered many problems in the process of getting along, Feng Had to live in a nursing home.Then the reporter came to feng Bo’s community for inquiry, learned that Feng Bo is now in divorce, long not here to live.Hearing this news, The old man was very upset. After all, this was the only child he had ever loved.From the community staff learned that Feng Bo was really good to his father before, but because feng De ‘an old people talk really annoying, Feng Bo can not stand to send him to the nursing home.The staff helped to call Feng Bo’s phone, but when they heard that it was her father calling her, the phone was immediately hung up, as if Feng De ‘an was not her father, but a demon who urged her to die.Considering the situation of the old man, the staff helped him reapply for his lost retirement pay card and contacted a nursing home with better conditions, so that at least there is a basic living security.Feng had just moved to a new nursing home when Sun Junbo made the video call. He was on his way here to solve his father’s pension problem.Knowing that his father had been transferred to a new nursing home, he said he could contribute part of the money.The old man’s pension problem was solved here. The old man himself took most of the responsibility for the development of this situation. Fortunately, the two sons did not care too much about their father’s fault and were willing to pay money to help their father spend his old age peacefully.But the old man’s only dutiful daughter never showed up.Hope as parents can give their children warmth, as children take care of their parents.