Jinan people, the latest Jinan interregional bus service opened!Travel is convenient, comfortable and economical!(With departure time and fare list)

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Recently, Gangcheng bus station Jinan coach east station interregional bus opened trial run ~ implement multi-level ticket prices, the whole journey only 13 yuan.Citizens travel more convenient!Photo: Wang Xiao The whole journey time of bus is about 115 minutes, which is about the same as that of private cars. It provides a low-carbon and environmentally friendly way of travel for the masses of citizens.Not only is the bus fast, but also the ride experience is very good, the bus, wooden floor, leather seats, “one person one”, backrest Angle, seat width can be adjusted, TV, air conditioning everything.So convenient and comfortable, it is the best choice for citizens to visit relatives and travel.Here is the rain xiao-he everyone to clean gangcheng tourism strategy, away oh ~ big brunei river national wetland park (about 15 km river national wetland park, the wetland park with “love” as the theme, fully show the dawenkou culture, iron and steel, culture and the Chinese red element, collection of leisure, natural, hydrophilic, culture in the integration of open urban waterfront culture park.Photo: Wang Xiao park in the construction of wenshui Bay, Wenshui beach, Wenshui square, Wenshui rhyme, Wenshui wetland landscape and “benevolence, justice, wisdom letter” for the theme of more than a dozen Bridges and 6 love theme parks.Dawen River National Wetland Park is an important habitat for wildlife and a stopping station for migratory birds.Wenshui West stream is one of the “eight scenic spots in Laiwu”.The Dawen River is the only river in China that flows from east to west, stretching hundreds of miles into Dongping Lake in Tai ‘an.Location: Located in the east of Lixin Street in Gangcheng District, Qishan National Forest Park runs north-south and was named a National Forest park in 2014.Photo: Wang Xiao “one day in the mountain, one hundred years in the world” beautiful legend “Chess mountain ke Rotten”, is one of the “laiwu eight scenes”.The Ming Dynasty Jiajing Laiwu county Chronicles: “Jin Jianyuan, a firewood, see two people play, one of the medicine of a pill, with a long view of its play, to axe rust rotten, and return, no answer when people.”There is a poem, “water flowing clouds generation jusri, stone chess mountain there is a woodcutter, so far the legend ko Rotten no”, chess mountain thus named.Qishan scenic spot has beautiful natural scenery and is famous for its strange stones. There are natural landscapes such as One line sky, Double Monkey Mountain, Eagle Stone, snow alpine cave and Wanghai Stone.Qishan Forest Park Location: Qishan Forest Park is located in The east Valley of Sanchahe River, Lixin Street, Gangcheng District, Jinan city, Shandong Province. At the foot of Qishan Mountain, there is a beautiful village — Qishan Forest Park, which is one of the first scenic villages in Shandong Province.Rows of hui-style buildings are neat and uniform, with clean roads, green mountains and green water around. Walking here, you feel as if you have entered a picture scroll of Jiangnan. You will never think that this is a village.Qishan Guan Village not only has a pleasant environment and beautiful scenery, but also has rich historical and cultural resources and strong cultural deposits.Here used to be the core area of Luzhong Anti-japanese base area, known as the “Little Red Yan ‘an during the Anti-Japanese War”, Marshal Xu Xiangqian inscription “Anti-japanese martyrs monument” has been well protected;Relying on the Ming Dynasty “Xuanzhiyouxuan” tablet planning and construction of snow demoiselle culture hall;Relying on the legend of “Bad ke of Qishan”, the Qishan Bookstore was built.There are also the “Village Memory Hall” where people can remember their homesickness by watching the mountains, and the science museum with the theme of “Clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”.Qishan Hot Spring Town, adjacent to The Qishan National Forest Park, is well-proportionally situated and natural.It consists of five areas: hot spring health preservation area, resort hotel area, quadrangle courtyard area, leisure sports area and children’s recreation area.Photo: Wang Xiaoqishan hot spring rich in lithium, zinc, selenium and other minerals and trace elements, metasilic acid content more than twice the national standard, are qualified as high-quality natural mineral water, belong to the rare calcium bicarbonate type hot spring, medical value, physiotherapy effect “gold content” is huge.Photo: Wang Xiao often soak, can cool body moisturizing, relieve fatigue, relax muscles and activate luo, is one of the original ecological high-quality hot spring model.With its unique natural resources, Qishan Hot Spring Town has become a comprehensive tourist hot spring resort project.In vain, but also considerable chess mountain scenery, physical and mental can be relaxed.Location: No.1 Wenquan Road, Qishan Scenic Spot, Gangcheng District, Jinan City Reference price: 99 YUAN/person (including hot spring and swimming, subject to the actual regulations of the business)Wenyuan Guanshi Taohuayuan is located in Wenyuan Street, Gangcheng District. It is a state-level demonstration area of modern agricultural tourism integrating “ecology, culture, tourism, sightseeing, production and sales”.Liu Yongming plans to build five functional areas of “ecological nature, cultural landscape, leisure tourism, sightseeing picking and comprehensive service”, and to build a full-range tourism brand of “mountains, waters, forests, roads and scenery” in one and “landscapes, trees and peaches, steel city drunk”.Photo: Centered on Peach Blossom Lake (Jinshuihe Reservoir), LiuYongming Scenic area mainly has peach blossom Lake, peach blossom Island, viewing platform, picking garden, peach blossom fairy, Yao Pool and other scenic spots, and peach blossom Road (around the lake Road) about 10 kilometers long, taoyuan Road (around the source road) about 60 kilometers long.Every spring, Guanshi Taohuayuan takes “flowers” as the medium to extend rural tourism and attract a large number of tourists by holding tourism cultural festivals and constructing wenyuan spring flower appreciation tour boutique routes.Qiaodiao Tiangong Mahogany Culture Museum Qiaodiao Tiangong Mahogany Culture Museum has 6 floors, the actual use area is about 26000 square meters, is a rare large-scale independent brand exhibition hall in China.In 2017, it was rated as “National AAA Level tourist attraction” and became a popular science base of mahogany culture.The mahogany furniture supply Museum is composed of four parts: mahogany cultural Institute, Rosewood district, mahogany art boutique museum and cultural corridor. It systematically introduces mahogany knowledge, mahogany furniture development history, mahogany furniture genre and its production technology, etc. It is unique, unique and amazing.Qiaodaogong Mahogany Culture Museum not only creates a luxury landscape for jinan’s tourism industry, but also provides a multi-angle, all-round and multi-level interactive platform to promote the display, exchange, appreciation and research of Chinese mahogany furniture works to the world.Laiwu Campaign Command Post, No. 1, East Huang Road, Gangcheng Development Zone, Gangcheng District, Jinan City laiwu Campaign Command Post is located in Shiwanzi Village, Gangcheng District, surrounded by mountains and hidden terrain.In February 1947, Chen Yi, Su Yu, Tan Zhenlin and other revolutionaries of the older generation commanded and won the world-famous Laiwu Battle here.This battle created a typical example of destroying the enemy in the movement, and was a glorious page in the history of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.Newspaper photo source: jinan lu in the melt medium video capture photo source: it melt in newspaper shandong jinan media video capture marshal marshal hq has a square, solemn and the life of marshal Chen yi room, sculpture exhibition of chairman MAO’s calligraphy of the battle of laiwu 8 cable operations, etc., in leisurely in the mountains added a “red”.Today, Laiwu Campaign Command Post is a national key cultural relic protection unit and a provincial patriotic education base.Laiwu campaign command post site location: jinan steel city of gangcheng xin zhuang neighborhood offices SAN shek wan son village interregional bus stops ⇌ jinan long-distance bus station, bus station departure time, PiaoJiaBiao 01 bus site set up steel city bus station, gangcheng district government, home, small han valley, the dragon tower, Kowloon, provincial hospital eastern hospital, yanshan overpass east, jinan long-distance bus station.02 Gangcheng Bus Station departure time: 6:30, 8:30, 9:30,11:30, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 17:3003 Jinan Coach East Station departure time: 6:50, 8:00, 9:30, 11:30, 13:40, 14:40, 16:30, 17:40 (since February 7,The following five types of cardholders will enjoy free rides or preferential rides: senior card, army card, student card, talent card and love card, student card holders under 16 years of age to enjoy 40% discount fares, holders of the other four types of card are free rides.Article/typesetting: Fang Zi Review: Song Mengjie, Wang Hongyan, Yang Yi