Panjiang town: anti-terrorism anti-riot knowledge training to build a strong security line in key places

2022-06-03 0 By

In order to strengthen the campus, rural credit cooperatives, postal banks and other key places in the area under the jurisdiction of the town, improve the security ability of security personnel and the use of protective equipment proficiency, further enhance the awareness of anti-terrorism and anti-riot security, and create a good security environment.On March 30, panjiang Town police station carried out anti-terrorism and anti-riot knowledge training on the campus of Panjiang No. 1 Middle School. Police officers, police instructors and security personnel in key places attended the training.In the training, the police actual combat instructor first introduced the current anti-terrorism and anti-riot work situation and the necessity of knowledge training, and emphasized the training points and matters needing attention.Later, actual combat drillmaster of police to trainees key parsing, illustrates the police steel fork, riot shields, batons defense equipment function and the correct use of methods, such as, explained the various instruments uniform enemy skills, key points and matters needing attention, to ensure that in case of unexpected circumstances, can give full play to the role of the riot equipment are the first time.And through personal demonstration, taught the method of using riot shield, steel fork, batons and other riot equipment to subdue violent terrorists.During the actual combat, the police actual combat instructor organized the participants in pairs to play the role of “thugs” and anti-terrorism riot squad members for the drill. Each team practiced with riot shield, police fork and baton in turn. The instructor guided the correction actions to ensure the full play of the role of riot equipment.The entire process of anti-terror work knowledge training and orderly, distinct, compact, training the desired effect, promote and popularize the anti-terror work emergency knowledge and skills, to strengthen the various key sites ChuTu ability, strengthens the security personnel to violence sense of crisis, greatly improving the safety awareness and disposal ability, for the security and stability of the whole town has laid a solid foundation.Correspondent Yin Danqi audit Wu Jiayong