Rain can hardly keep out the warmth of the sun

2022-06-03 0 By

Yangtse Evening News (reporter Yu Dandan) yesterday formally “out of nine” jiangsu, step into early summer.Last night, Jiangsu ushered in the first thunder shower of the year, but the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the sun, today’s highest temperature in Nanjing and other places still reached 27 degrees Celsius.The weekend started with heavy fog. At 5:58 am yesterday, jiangsu Meteorological Station issued an orange alert signal for heavy fog: most areas of Nantong and some areas of Yancheng, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing and Huai ‘an have experienced heavy fog.As the sun broke through the thick fog, the temperature rocketed up, reaching a recent peak in southern Jiangsu in the afternoon.Among them, Nanjing became the hottest place in the province, the highest temperature in Gaochun reached 29.9℃, in addition, Jurong station, Lishui Station, Nanjing Base station (Jiangning) yesterday also exceeded 29℃.It is expected that there will be showers or thunderstorms in the southeast of the province and gradually stop to become cloudy, and other areas will become cloudy. In the morning, there will be fog or fog in the northwest of the province. The lowest temperature: 8 ~ 9℃ in Huaibei, 14 ~ 15℃ in southern Jiangsu, and about 11℃ in other areas.25 ~ 26℃ in the southwest of the province, 20℃ in the northeast, 22 ~ 23℃ in other areas.The recent warming is still the general trend, the lowest temperature is expected tomorrow: 12 ~ 13℃ along the Yangtze River and southern Jiangsu, 8 ~ 9℃ in other areas, the highest temperature: about 28℃ in the southwest of the province, along the Huaihe River and huaibei region 22 ~ 23℃, about 25℃ in other areas.Nanjing area, today showers gradually stop to overcast to cloudy, some areas will have showers or thunderstorms tomorrow, cloudy on the 15th.In the next three days, the maximum temperature in Nanjing will be stable, between 26 and 28℃, while the minimum temperature will drop slightly, which is generally comfortable.What is the weather trend in mid-March this year?The Central Meteorological Station predicted that the temperature was significantly higher and the precipitation was less in most parts of the country in the early period.In the late period, the cold air force increased, and the temperature in northern China turned low.Recent Weather in Nanjing: today showers gradually stop to overcast to cloudy, easterly force 4 or so, 17℃ to 27℃;Tomorrow will be cloudy at times, showers or thunderstorms in some areas, northerly wind to easterly wind force 4 or so, 15℃ to 28℃;The day after tomorrow, cloudy, southeast wind level 3 to 4, 13℃ to 27℃Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com