The suspension will continue as schools resume in batches

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On March 26, 2022, schools at all levels and of various types in Kaihua county will resume school work in batches. According to the relevant provisions of the state, province and city on epidemic prevention and control, combined with the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Kaihua County,Decided to our county schools of various levels since March 26, 2022 partial start resumption work, schooling will related matters notice is as follows: a partial resumption arranged as following: schooling, classification, schools must, in accordance with the principle of “one school case” contrast “kaihua resumption work check list” schooling requirements, such as further leak fill a vacancy, together to create a safe and orderly resumption conditions of schooling.Third, all townships and departments should work together to provide conditions for the smooth and orderly opening of schools, strengthen epidemic prevention and control guarantee and professional guidance in schools, and jointly build a tight safety net for teachers and students.Iv. Parents should fulfill their responsibility for the health management of their children, truthfully declare the health status of their children and other people living with them, and investigate and hold accountable those who conceal, falsely report or disrupt the normal order of the school’s epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with laws and regulations;Students returning from other places should report to the school on their own initiative, and can only return to school after approval;Students shall not return to school without negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, green health code, travel card, incomplete health declaration and abnormal temperature detection.They should actively cooperate with schools to do epidemic prevention and education work, prepare necessary protective equipment, and pick up their children from and to school on time according to the school schedule, and pay attention to personal protection during the pick up.Five, open the consultation hotline: County Education Bureau building teacher 13675705418 (695418);County epidemic prevention and control headquarters 0570-6011269, 24/7 for parents to provide consulting and services!Annex: List of nucleic acid Testing sampling sites in Kaihua CountyDo you want to go?The latest news came last week, Hangzhou suspended off-campus training institutions offline teaching, whether to continue this week, many parents groups are discussing this topic.A parent said he lives in the north of the city and has just received the news that his child’s interest classes have resumed.Another parent also received word that her daughter’s facility had reopened.The parent is hesitating to go?”Maybe there are fewer people in the class, so the small area is not affected.”Other parents said some institutions have launched free online courses in order not to delay the teaching process.However, most parents said they have not received any information about the resumption of classes.Parents have also received the latest notice from hangzhou Youth Activity Center that classes will continue to be suspended this weekend and there will be no classes on Qingming Festival.The reporter also consulted the relevant staff of Hangzhou Education Bureau, said that there is currently no arrangement to resume off-campus training institutions offline teaching, information will be timely informed.If classes continue to be closed this weekend, parents and friends, do you have any other plans?Source: COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Kaihua County, Hangzhou Daily Learn diandian