What are the plants with feathery compound leaves

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The plant of 2 return feather shape compound leaf has the plant such as golden phoenix, mountain albizia, mountain locust, danshen, angelica dahurica.1. Buttercup is a unique plant in China.Belong to impatiens family, impatiens is an annual herb, up to 70 cm tall.Impatiens balsamina seeds small, but long life, stored in indoor seeds for 3 years, its germination rate can still reach more than 79.9%.Sow seeds around qingming.The use of hole digging live, can be in the whole ground, according to the plant distance of 15 cm, row distance of 30 cm dug deep about 1 cm hole, watering, water seepage after each point sowing 3-4 seeds, covering soil after a little repression can be.2, Mountain albizia, belonging to deciduous trees, branchlets brown, 4-15 meters high.Albizia seedling period timely pruning side branches, to ensure that the trunk straight.Transplanting should be carried out before budding, but the tree should be planted with a stand to prevent the wind from blowing down.Dig ditches around the trunk and fertilize once in winter.3. Robinia pseudoacacia, a medium tree, usually 3-8 meters high, dark brown branches, pubescent, with significant lenticels.Locust is fond of light, the root system is more developed, the soil requirements are not strict, common in lateritic soil, red soil, purple soil, alluvial soil on the growth, in the poor and thin mountain can also adapt, but the growth is slower, in the soil fertile and slightly moist broad-leaved forest, forest edge and near streams or hillside bushes grow faster.