Chiu Lian Ho sun luxury koi, each worth more than 40,000 yuan, Carina Lau also raised many

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What everybody cares most nowadays is he Chao Lian when is ready to marry male friend sinus xiao, with male friend open amour has been so long, he Chao Lian also should have the development that follows with sinus xiao, what’s more mother wades Wang SAN too early already permission sinus xiao.Your gambling king Stanley Ho’s baby daughter, but also three too dragon and phoenix in the baby daughter, Ho Chao-lian is now in the fashion field of development is getting better and better, of course, also got everyone’s attention.February 5 is a good day to welcome the God of wealth, so he Chaorean needs to share some videos about her fortune.He Chaorean in the fifth day to greet the god of wealth this day basked in his home luxurious house to keep the koi, according to the professional personage revealed, what she raised is rich koi, conservative estimate each value of more than 40 thousand yuan, Carina Lau also raised a lot of!He Chaorean post: Why are you particularly beautiful!Look carefully in the pool of he Chao-lian’s home, there is a particularly beautiful koi carp, it is estimated that he Chao-lian said.In fact, each one has been particularly beautiful, this meter level koi, not only the individual size, but also represents a kind of auspicious wealth meaning.Looking at the koi swimming in the entire pond, it is estimated that there are more than 20 koi carp, and a conservative estimate would be that the koi carp in ho chiu Lian’s small pond is worth more than 1 million.The most beautiful gold koi, estimated more than 40,000 yuan, must be more than 200,000 yuan, too beautiful.Carina Lau now lives in Shanghai and keeps a pool of koi in her hillside mansion in Hong Kong.The fish she shared were not as big as ho’s, but Lau’s home is believed to have more than 20 fish.For star artists like He Chao-lian and Carina Lau, the fish they raise at home is just a kind of entertainment and auspicious meaning, let alone tens of thousands of yuan per fish, even the first one is more than 100,000 yuan. After all, what they enjoy is a spiritual life, and money is just a number.Early in front, actually he Chaorean had shared the pet cat that from already mother place raises, in 3 too person of extraordinary residence in, have a floor is to offer these a few pet cat to play specially, and each cat price also does not poor.Fat Garfield cat each is worth up to more than 100 thousand yuan, because three too like cats, so the home will keep a lot of.And these cats often appear in front of He Chao-lian’s life dynamic, also loved by everyone.Rich people’s life is so simple, in the year of the fifth day of this day, he Chaorean brought koi video, I hope we can borrow her video in the year of the tiger, wealth, popularity!