“Cloud” teaching in Heze High-tech Zone is in a difficult time

2022-06-04 0 By

China Shandong network – Sensensenshandong, April 2 (reporter Sun Anqi student reporter Zhang) According to the epidemic prevention and control work requirements, in order to achieve the “suspension of school” “suspension of teaching”, since March 31, heze high-tech zone 45 schools, more than 22,300 teachers and students at the same time open online teaching activities.”Hello, class, we are going to start our class soon. Are you ready?”That morning, Heze High-tech Zone experimental primary school, Class one grade six Teacher Shang Jing opened the computer, through video connection, to the class students.At the same time, the teachers of primary and secondary schools in all towns are doing the same thing. According to the school curriculum arrangement, they enter the online teaching platform on time and carry out online classroom teaching by means of network interaction, linking the mic to ask questions, parsing and answering questions. All links are carried out in an orderly way to ensure the quality of online education and teaching.According to understand, to ensure the quality of interdisciplinary teaching, realize the network education uninterrupted, ideological education constantly line “, the schools in terms of curriculum, in addition to culture, outside the school also arranged for sports, humanitarian law, scientific and comprehensive practice, art, music, class, such as curriculum, to ensure that the students at home can also receive education in an all-round way.”Compared with offline teaching, livestream classes cannot communicate and interact with students face to face. Instead, they can see students’ learning in a timely and intuitive way. The teaching process needs to be more careful and lesson preparation needs to be more adequate.”According to Lv Ling town yan-hong jia jia fang elementary school in the zone, although is online teaching, but both of them are carefully prepared the teaching content, strictly in accordance with the schedule and daily plan in class, and timely feedback in class to school work communication group, after class, the teacher will be according to the teaching feedback, communication together, constantly improve the teaching plan, to ensure the quality of online teaching.The success of online teaching is the result of the best efforts of all teachers and the full support of the Social Development Center.It is understood that in order to carry out online teaching smoothly, on March 26, heze high-tech Zone primary and secondary schools (except for the first and second grades) carried out “online teaching” emergency simulation exercises.Before exercise, SheFa center of this drill has carried on the careful deployment, the primary and secondary schools according to the actual circumstance of the school also established in accordance with our scheme, through practice, examine the online teaching facilities whether preparation is sufficient to work are in good condition, teaching resources, such as for online teaching smoothly to lay the solid foundation.In addition, in order to ensure the teaching quality and learning effect, the district set up two sets of online teaching plan, in addition to the live teaching in teachers using nailing APP, high-tech zone SheFa center also arrangement of backbone teachers in curriculum to record in advance, and upload to heze education resources public service platform in the zone and the convenience of resources sharing between teachers and students, so far, upload recorded nearly thousand class example.