“Copy” for the Lantern Festival hair circle of friends of the sweet copy

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Today is Tuesday, which means tomorrow is Wednesday, which also happens to be The Lantern Festival.2. Time is hard, so is tangyuan, which will eventually be sweet.What kind of stuffing do you like? I can’t find many sweet dumplings like mine.Lanterns adorn the world of colorful movement, sweet dumplings wrapped round and round.I am as sweet as tangyuan, you are as round as tangyuan.Sweet sticky dumplings filled with the taste of home happiness.7. All the blessings of the Lantern Festival are riddles, thousands of glass, and the answer to the riddle is you.I really want to have such a Lantern Festival.Eating tangyuan on the street, listening to peddlers’ cries, watching lanterns on the water, guessing lantern riddles, smelling the aroma of wine on the street, secretly glancing at pian-pian young man swinging fans by.9. The unspoken love, secretly knead into dumplings.The fifteenth day of the first month is round, family reunion and joy. I wish you more joy and peace.Eat a bowl of sweet dumplings, life is sweet.The month circle person circle, everything is perfect, spend good lights, good things.12 night wind knead into the dumplings, the moon is selling happiness.13 yuan Night piano and drum play, spend street lights such as day.Love Yuanxiao 35 good scenery, moonlight, brilliant lights.15 sticky, sweet, soft, glutinous glutinous dumplings, wrapped in the stuffing of expectation and miss, with a unique completeness and peace of mind with family.For more highlights, check out the new tassel on the blade