Spring Walking

2022-06-04 0 By

New Year’s Eve, for many people, is a reunion together, is a warm company.But for danjiangkou City Public Security Bureau Junzhou police station, it is an important moment for them to guard on duty.The policeman is Zeng Chao, deputy director of the Junzhou Office. This year is the 20th Spring Festival he has been on duty.Through their appeals to both sides, they finally shook hands and made peace.Police is the command, just finished dealing with the dispute, Zeng Chao led the arrangement of 3 groups of police without a break.Handle neighborhood disputes, solve the masses for help, increase security inspection, patrol prevention and control efforts, especially the key parts, places of epidemic prevention and control inspection, timely eliminate security risks, severely investigate and punish fireworks violations, these are the little bit of the Spring Festival life of the police on duty.On New Year’s Eve alone, Junzhou police station responded 36 times.Although they missed the reunion with their families, they never missed the responsibility to uphold.In their words: the more holidays, the more we must stick to our posts, to ensure the speed and quality of police handling, where the masses need, we will appear in where.