This life has you episode 11: Sun Zhijun comes to the hospital to make a scene

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Talk about static to see ShengFang court to finish the job, by the way, ShengFang court to see the enthusiasm is not high, talk about static ShengFang court told about static own story, ShengFang before court often sick, and also is a good mother in side, ShengFang court is actually want to tell about the static as long as she beside Peter vladimirov well enough, without considering the rest of the things about static very grateful to have ShengFang encouragement to let her have more courage.NieYuSheng go to dozen rice met Wang Yuling help about static dozen rice, because there is no card NieYuSheng Wang Yuling will take the initiative to help her pay, NieYuSheng is to know about the static like to eat scrambled egg with tomato, so direct help, Wang Yuling also learned that NieDongYuan give a kid to donate two hundred thousand, Wang Yuling have to want to help talk to borrow money, NieYuSheng talk by asking if still looking for him.Wang Yuling quickly denied it. After all, the money was paid by Sheng Fangting on his own initiative. Nie Yusheng did not want to hear about Tan Jing and left directly.Wang Yuling also talked about today and Nie Yusheng met things, talk jing let Wang Yuling do not go to trouble nie Yusheng in the future.At night Tan Jing dreamed that Sun Ping did not come down on the operating table, she was awakened by a nightmare directly holding Sun Ping left the hospital, the results in the elevator Sun Ping woke up.Sun Ping said he wanted to do surgery, after all, so that their condition is good, Tan Jing tried to hold back tears and sun Ping back to the ward, in order not to let Sun Ping found himself alone in the toilet crying.Nie Yusheng just went to the toilet and heard someone sobbing in the women’s toilet. He often heard someone crying in the hospital toilet before. He always hallucinated that it was Tan Jing, and then he forced himself to understand that this person was definitely not Tan Jing.Nie Yusheng stood outside the door for a long time and met Tan Jing from the toilet, tan Jing asked Nie Yusheng whether he had confidence in the operation, Nie Yusheng is naturally confident.To the operating room when the signature, static talk hesitated for a long time or signature.Sun Zhijun went home and found no one at home, and the soybeans at home also sprout, it seems that Talk static did not come back for a long time.After drinking a toast to his in-laws as usual, Sun zhijun went downstairs to buy two more bottles of wine.Sun Zhijun saw Wang Aunt and went to ask Sun Ping where to go, Wang Aunt told Sun Zhijun Sun Ping was ill, now Tan Jing in the hospital with him.Shu Qin came to the hospital to visit Sheng Fangting. Sheng Fangting will return to the company next week. Shu Qin came to report her work.Before he left, Sheng gave shu Qin a bottle of red wine.At the weekly meeting of the hospital, Nie Yusheng asked about the time of sun Ping’s operation. Director Fang arranged it for the day after tomorrow.Then NieYuSheng will this news to talk about static, NieYuSheng simple to talk about static replacement surgery matters needing attention, NieYuSheng also called Scott rozelle a trip to the hospital, after all, you also need to sign the operation agreement, static said Scott rozelle talking too busy your signature line, NieYuSheng query about static what job more important than children, talk about static and have nothing to say, after all, since Peter vladimirov sick in the hospital,Sun Zhijun never came.Talking static is also bitter in the heart to say, also do not know who to say.Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin went to visit his father, Nie Dongyuan saw his son slightly tired also let him pay attention to rest.Shu Qin did cook some food for Nie Dongyuan, who was very happy.Talk jing just took care of sun Zhijun received the news, talk jing told him he and Sun Ping in the hospital.Tan Jing told Sun Ping that she could not eat from now on, and also told Sun Ping about the operation. Sun Ping actually wanted his father to come over, and Tan Jing told him that his father would come back as long as he finished the operation.Sun Zhijun drunk to the hospital slapstick, Sun Zhijun think his son is not a white mouse, can not participate in the experiment.Nie Yusheng also came over, Sun Zhijun took advantage of the wine nie Yusheng beat, talk static to intervene face injury.Sun Zhijun was taken to the security room, director fang was very angry, feel Nie Yusheng also get a punch for no reason.Fang also said the operation to do, he let Nie Yusheng hurry back to rest.Nie Yusheng back to the brain has been talking about static appearance, Sun Zhijun was called to criminal detention, talk about static is really broken heart.