Why aren’t you married yet?The second reason is not hard to find

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In one episode, Liu was asked “Why are you single?””Her answer gave me some thought.I have to say, there are some valid reasons that most single people have.In our daily life, there are indeed many single older young people.Some of them were successful in their careers, had free wealth, and had wide social circles, but remained single, never found a partner, never married;And some people are not very happy in their career, income is not very significant, and still single.Liuyan said, why am I single?Maybe I’m too aggressive, maybe I’m too old, maybe it’s something else.In short, we don’t like to be alone.I hate to admit it, but it’s true.Love this kind of thing, most of the time or need fate to help.At least, fate is indispensable.At the beginning of a relationship, there will be no lack of predestination.Fate comes, your feeling comes, your spring comes, your love comes.Fate is not to, no matter how hard you pursue, it is difficult to have a lover, Jack shall have Jill.But unluckily fate this kind of thing, is invisible, can not touch, can not be met.You don’t know how to work hard and pay to get the favor of fate, only wait, wait for the arrival of fate.As a result, some people, even at their nubile age, are surrounded by many single members of the opposite sex, but have never met a romantic partner.Part of the reason may be that fate has not yet come to you, happiness has not yet knocked on your door.Two years ago, I saw such a male guest on a program called “New Blind Date Conference”. He came from Changchun, Jilin Province. He was nearly 40 years old and was a department manager of a bank.In his self-introduction, he mentioned that his criteria for choosing a spouse are as follows: 1, the other party must be long in his aesthetic point;2. A girl who likes to take the initiative because she is passive.Although only two short requirements, but both are hard and fast standards.Some female guests asked him, if the other party is not long in the aesthetic point, but other aspects are very consistent, will consider?He blurted it out without thinking, without thinking.This can be seen how high the male guest’s mate requirements are, nearly 40 years old, he still firmly believe in love at first sight, a million years, do not accept love over time.He naively believes that he will find what he calls the “perfect” wife image by age 40, and that if he can’t, he’s likely to lower his standards.It’s no wonder they’re still single at this age when they’re so determined to choose a mate that they won’t compromise or adjust.Because, have their own set of high standards and rigid requirements for mate selection, never with the growth of age and adjustment of this kind of people, so they will be left, will always be single.Three often hear people ask: bread or love, which do you choose?Sorry, this may be an old-fashioned and secular question, but in real life, there are still some people who do not know how to choose, how to sort?Personally, bread and love are both important, and both are important parts of the journey of life.Only with these two can life become perfect and without regret, so MY choice is to have both.If you can naturally be left hand holding bread, right hand holding that heartache of the other half.But because of the reality of various situations, many times it is difficult to have at the same time.Therefore, many people will choose to earn bread first, and then slowly looking for love.Because they are busy with their career and want to have a career of their own and achieve wealth and freedom, they will spend most of their time on work in the early stage.Over time, when the career has a little success, they are willing to stop the pace of struggle or slow down the pace of struggle to pay attention to whether there is the right person, the right person, began to slowly nervous about their marriage.Because, they understand, especially for men, if you don’t have a stable career, a good income, how can you make love?In addition to spending time and energy, falling in love costs money.If you have no job, no income or low income, how can you treat your girlfriend to dinner, movies, shopping or gifts?Secondly, if it comes to the stage of talking about marriage, where does the house, car and expensive bride price demanded by the other party come from?Many were rejected by their parents because they could not afford the expensive bride price, or did not have a house or a car.In addition, married life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, the cost of children, and so on, how to pay?Dribs and drabs are in need of money, so they understand that they need to expand their balance in order to be qualified to fall in love, talk about marriage, and then have the ability to accompany the right person to go on.As a result, in the process of hard work, their focus will gradually shift towards the career.So, over time, they’re unknowingly alone.Because busy career and inadvertently single, missed the marriageable age.If you ask them if they have any regrets, I think there was a moment of regret?But most of all, I feel worthy and relieved.Now that my career was secure, my wealth free, my time free, I could concentrate on finding love.Also because of the career struggle out, although they seem to have missed something before, but they have a lot of choices.At the very least, they don’t consider whether the other person has achieved financial freedom as part of their criteria.To put it bluntly, they will not look at each other’s economic conditions, as long as the feeling is right enough.In short, the majority of single or unmarried young men and women.Well, deep down, they don’t think that way, just for a variety of reasons.Deep down, they may also yearn for a good love.