How to open dayz map?

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The player first picks up a map and then presses M to view it.If the server is difficult, you’ll also need to find a GPS compass to help you navigate.The general novice is difficult to survive, xiaobian suggests to see the online map, remember the place and location, play a few days more familiar.Here is a small series to introduce this game for you!DAYZ can mark coordinates on the map, convenient display coordinates point distance: the premise is that the player has a map, then press M to open the map, find the place you want to go, press SHIFT+ left key, and then the map will appear a small circle in the middle of the icon, then it indicates that the fixed point is successful.DayZ is a multiplayer open survival zombie simulator.The game is set in a massive continent where an unknown virus has infected the entire population and turned them into zombies. As a survivor, players must survive by obtaining food, water, weapons and medical supplies, avoiding or fighting zombies.It’s worth noting, though, that in a world full of zombies, the scariest thing is not zombies, but people who have survived just like you.The weather changes randomly and affects the player’s actions.However, a global viral plague has turned most of the human race into zombies, and the player has to play as a Survivor, trying to survive in Black Russia.In the game, players’ movements and costumes are more vivid than in DayZ mode and can be changed at will, running faster than before, there are more buildings, and players can spread germs among themselves.The above is xiaobian for you to sort out the relevant content, I hope to help you.If there are any mistakes, please criticize and point them out. Thank you!