On the first day of school, Jinan Peixin Primary School donated 438 books to help children in Hope Hut dream of reading

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Zhao Zhuoqi Lou Kai “HOPE they can like this book, study hard, make progress every day!”The new semester is a new starting point. On the occasion of the beginning of primary and secondary schools in the province, the fundraising campaign of “The first extra-curricular book of the new semester” has officially started.After learning about the activity, Peixin Primary School in Huaiyin District of Jinan launched the first time all students to participate in donating books.On the morning of September 16, the children collected their favorite extracurricular books and love cards, with 438 books bearing their expectations and wishes.The multimedia classroom of Peixin Primary School in Huaiyin District of Jinan was filled with students’ laughter at 10 a.m. on October 16.On the first day of school, the children were full of energy and enthusiasm, because today they had to do a meaningful thing, which was to donate the first extracurricular book of the new semester to the friends of “Hope Hut” on behalf of the whole class.With all kinds of books carefully arranged and cards carefully clipped, children are eager to give away the gift.It is understood that in order to let the “cottage” children can read more good books, get more knowledge and power, the qilu evening news · JiLuYi joint point of the communist youth league of shandong provincial party committee jointly launched “hut” love books Angle of public welfare projects, activities the first has to jinan, heze in 201 “hut” children love books Angle,In 2022, another 2,000 love book corners will be built across the province.The coming of the new semester is also a new beginning for the children of “Hope Hut”. Therefore, on February 16th, the first extracurricular book of the new semester was officially raised.After learning of this activity, Peixin Primary School in Huaiyin District of Jinan launched the first time all students to participate in donating books.At the scene of the activity, the children lined up orderly and put the class’s love books neatly on the platform, 22 classes of the school donated 438 books.”The book I gave to my children was called The Cat who Lived a Million Times. I liked it so much that I wanted to give it to them.”Wang Xiaote, Class 3, Grade 2, said that he hoped to share happiness with his friends by reading a book with them. “I wish you success in your study.”Wang also wrote down his best wishes for his friends on the card.Colorful paintings, paper-cut waves and cruise ships, and minghan’s blessings from Class 1, Grade 3 were written on a beautiful card.”Knowledge is the wings that fly in the sky. May you ride the wind and waves, just like the little cruise ship I painted, and sail into the ocean of knowledge.”Yue Minghan said.”Books are food for the soul, and they are also good friends for the students. This book donation campaign allows our students to join hands with the children of the Caring House and become friends.”Vice principal Hu Xiaoying jinan HuaiYin District peixin primary school, said the new term begins, when students send out of the new semester of the first reference books at the same time, “cottage” children also got the first reference books of the new term, the two sides for books make become friends, to common development and growth, better into the future together.