Open housekeeping service, establish health records…This is someone else’s flat

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January 10, 2022, the second Chinese People’s Police Day, Yuecheng Branch Jishan police Station moved to a new house.”Take the elevator to the fifth floor, look out from the office, you can see the blue sky and white clouds, how happy I feel!”The police, who had worked in the old police station for 18 years, dressed in a new police dress, with excitement and joy on their faces.On the same day, three other police stations of Yuecheng Branch also completed their housewarming ceremony.Adhere to the city bureau of shaoxing, zhejiang province public security bureau and the development of a new era, “maple bridge experience” is committed to building the modern policing model, to warm the police police to create “maple bridge type police station” activities such as organic combination, to achieve the business work together with the team construction and promote each other, enhance the cohesive force, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the team.Yuecheng Branch took the building of “Fengqiao Type Police Station” as an opportunity to take the improvement project of the police station’s office space as a global priority. The “leader” personally supervised and promoted the project, and took the initiative to communicate with the District Political and Legal Committee.The work of force allocation, grassroots governance and serving the masses will be included in the creation of “Fengqiao Style Safe Town and Street” and “Fengqiao style Safe Village Association” in the new era.Yuecheng Sub-bureau takes the establishment of demonstration city of social security prevention and control system as the carrier, takes smart security as the breakthrough of strengthening safe construction, and promotes the district government to incorporate the construction of “Zhi ‘an Community” and “Zhi ‘an Campus” into practical projects concerning people’s livelihood, and implements a special guarantee fund of more than 77 million yuan.Up to now, it has completed the construction of 647 “Zhi ‘an Residential areas”, 232 “Zhi ‘an campuses”, six “Zhi ‘an hospitals” and five “Zhi ‘an scenic spots”.Starting from the reform of community policing, Yuecheng Sub-bureau constructed a three-level structure of basic control center, comprehensive command room and police liaison room, innovated and introduced the system of full-time settlement of community police officers and nearby police reception and disposal, and completed the comprehensive transformation from “down in the community” to “resident in the community”.At the same time, 363 vigilante police organizations, the autonomy of the federation of things, and the mediation of government protection have been set up to promote the construction of grassroots police community by “contractual joint construction”.It is reported that at present, conflicts and disputes have been achieved by the police situation decreased 10.63% year on year, the police familiar with the rate of 9.2%, community police sinking time increased 46% year on year.>>> Implement ten actions of “love and benefit the police” and nine measures of serving the police well in wartime. Yuecheng Sub-bureau strengthens the connection and cooperation with the brand housekeeping service company, opens the “Police Camp housekeeping 110” service line, and provides the police with 24-hour services such as pipe dredding, water and electricity maintenance, house leak repair, renovation cleaning, car washing and laundry.The sub-bureau deepens the team management system of “first Gear of two sessions”, establishes personal health and ideological status files of policemen, and organizes a health lecture or expert free clinic every quarter.It has opened a green channel for police officers to seek medical treatment for serious diseases, set up health service stations in frontline combat units at the grassroots level, and hired hospital experts to facilitate initial diagnosis, expert consultation and hospitalization.Deputy district, the city public security bureau chief xu-dong hu said that to love p p the various measures put in place, let the police “have difficulty looking for group” became the first choice, do the “organization to reassure police, civilian police reassured organization”, efforts to forge a trustworthy, reliable, and can rest assured of party and the people, the city public security tiejun.