The Wallen Massacre of 1943, when The Ukrainians took revenge on the Poles, was an unimaginable spectacle

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Do you know how terrible the Warren Massacre was during World War II?In 1943, Ukrainians living together in Warren massacred Poles in a bloody and brutal way. The village was littered with mutilated people. One minute they were friendly neighbors, the next they were bitter enemies who killed each other.What did the Ukrainians do to the Poles?And why is there so much hatred?If you are new, please click the “Like” button to understand the historical story.Humanity warren atrocities of the second world war broke out, the polish this place is also involved in the war, has gradually lost the ability of self-management, however, in the polish warren areas, millions of jews and ukrainians, forced to change their beliefs and language, originally also are all citizens in this place,But the Poles turned ukrainians into inferior citizens, and at the same time, Ukrainians were restricted to a great extent, not only from buying goods, but also from buying goods at twice the price.Ukraine people want to know, in time of war, whether it is or medical supplies, supplies are very scarce, there is no way to solve the life, in warren of Ukrainian work did not have money, have to use such a high price to buy goods, this only is to let the ukrainians had poor life.Of course, not only in terms of life, but also in terms of education, the ukrainians were forcibly controlled. Students in those schools were required to swear allegiance to Ukraine before they could enter the school to learn knowledge. Unfortunately, they still had to endure unequal treatment in the classroom.Polish teachers in these schools played with Ukrainian girls, beat and abused them, and bullied them. In this way, the hatred between Ukrainians and Poles grew stronger and even reached an irreconcilable level.Polish women as the German blitzkrieg, take the lead in the invasion of Poland, warren region also failed to survive, this time, warren areas suffer from bullying ukrainians, saw the germans, not to mention how happy, this for them, finally gives you the opportunity to electrocuting have to quote, because in this place there are jews in survival,It was just a conflict between Ukrainians and Poles, but they did not want to involve innocent Jews with the arrival of the German army.As we all know, the German army’s treatment of the Jews is extremely brutal, originally just a quiet small village, but do not want to with the arrival of the German army, the atmosphere has become extremely terror and tension.These jewish both male and female, young and old all captured by the germans, the jewish woman teacher hands tied by German army, and hanged at the village, children and women were put into a concentration camp, for some jewish men and the old man is not the German gas Chambers, is German direct shot and killed, and many of the local poles see not bottom go to, the germans so bloody cruel.So, often in their own home secretly hide some jews, at this time, once the neighbor’s Ukrainian happened to see this scene, the thought of before constantly bullied by poles and oppression, instead of the Ukrainian began consulting, despite earlier and neighbor good scene, turn their positions to report, some poles in the village to help the jews.Jews many poles were involved, killing spree by the germans, for their possession of the behaviour of jews paid a heavy price, with the advent of the germans, warren region there are also many ukrainians, voluntarily join the German team, help them to clean up the jews, as well as to create conditions for they mercilessly retaliate poles.And those who are in his hand a little bit of power that Ukrainian troops, began to the polish women wantonly reproach, as the very critical moment, hidden in the haystack of jewish couple throw out of the basket hit, because in jewish identity exposure, while Ukraine soldiers shot and killed them, but the end result is the jewish couple, abruptly drowned in the river.Ukrainian welcome the germans, of course, in our place, in addition to atrocities have treated the jews, the Ukrainian also crazy revenge on poles, there was a polish, because cut off a man who stole their hens hand, instead, is a thief stealing chickens malicious report advances, this time a thief stealing chickens without being punished,Instead, the Pole was tortured to death by the Germans, beheaded, his head cut off in a barrel, and placed in front of his family.Since then, many Poles have taken advantage of the Power of The German soldiers, ostensibly to arrest Jews, but in fact to take revenge on the Poles who had bullied them, and even to kill innocent Polish civilians.However, with the failure of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1943, the German army had to carry out a strategic shift, coupled with the fierce counterattack of the Allied forces, the invasion area has been shrinking while withdrawing all the troops out.Poles were tortured to Ukraine isn’t a German man crazy revenge warren region, but the government also attend to not top tube, the Soviet union has also attend to not top tube, but this time is the Ukrainian national consciousness, began to wake up quickly, not only established the insurgents, also sent the army took control of all parts of the warren, the city of the jews had been slaughtered, currently only poles,The Ukrainians also remembered the oppression of the Poles and began a purge of the Poles in the Warren area.At this time of the Ukrainian has reached the point of madness, whoever to mediate talks, don’t go in, or even directly to Ukraine’s government sent messengers, bound hand and foot, to a two horse dismembered, besides Ukraine’s insurgents, many local people also involved in the Ukraine, they take a sickle,The attack took place while poles were in church.Poles indiscriminate massacre of innocent poles inside, even the priest can’t off the hook, directly by the rebel leader a knife stabbed to death, the church is holy and pure place originally, but the Ukrainian rushed in the moment, filled with the smell of blood and hatred atmosphere, both women and children and the old man, even the church shrieks,Nor did it stop the brutality of ukrainians.In the villages, the ukrainians tied the hands of young children and pushed them around with thatched torches, and the more the children screamed, the more excited the frantic Ukrainians were.More excessive ukrainians will directly, will be in public from the village caught the man open the belly, the red-hot iron, directly into pregnant woman’s belly, cruel slaughter on every day, on one second met would still be greet each other and say “hello”, but a second became picked up the tools to the neighbor with the killer perpetrators.Military invasion how crazy can these Ukrainians really be?Even the front is a pair of husband and wife, ukrainians and poles in combination with the Ukrainian will not therefore punches, even their children are not let go, forced the people throw on the ground, with direct death with an axe, a polish woman, directly at the door by Ukrainian troops cut head, even as a Ukrainian man has failed to survive,He ended up under the knife of his own people.Ukrainian army atrocities of warren on this place was more embarrassed, early belongs to Ukraine, since the end of the second world war, up to now are affiliated to the Ukraine, Poland ever in history, however, is also a great power in Europe, but alternative country strong, and governance of the king not to force, interior, diplomacy.As a result, a great empire was in decline.But decline means that rise, countries next to Russia and Germany, began to grow up gradually, and polish the position, it happened between Russia and Germany, which makes the polish in the face of the enemy, both sides suffer indignities, at the same time in the end, in Germany and Germany’s invasion of Poland perished, under the situation continued until 1918,It was only after the end of World War I that some of the other Western powers brokered the restoration of Poland.Ukrainian soldiers although the country had been destroyed for more than 100 years, the national consciousness of the country was very strong. In the development of the country for more than 100 years, it had not been assimilated by other ethnic groups, which also reduced the difficulty for the subsequent restoration of Poland. However, after the restoration of Poland, there were also other ethnic groups living in the country besides the Poles.While warren as a polish, Ukrainian, jews generation mix, in wartime, naturally became the focus of the two sides compete for, could have a good peaceful coexistence, but by their Numbers poles, constantly exclude ukrainians and jews living there, so that the contradiction between the ethnic groups have been intensified.The conflict between Poland and Ukraine was not resolved, and then world War II broke out, and Nazi Germany began to slaughter jews everywhere, which made Warren, once again, the focus of all forces.During that time, the so-called Ukrainian nationalist, with nearly 160 kinds of method for warren region poles of the crazy brutal killings, on the one hand, took the oath of their sovereignty, to Ukraine’s descent carry forward, on the other hand, is used to polish the ukrainians, constantly oppression of behavior of malicious revenge,Do you think the Poles are pathetic, or do they deserve it?Leave a comment below.