Expected to be completed by the end of May!Xianning bridge closed construction please pay attention to bypass

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On February 18, xianning temperature dropped to freezing point, the sky floating snowflakes, in order to strengthen the management of urban Bridges to eliminate bridge safety risks, hot spring bridge (bridge 1) reinforcement renovation project officially started.Wenquan Bridge, built in 1965, is a three-span reinforced concrete double-curved arch bridge with a total length of 75 meters and a total width of 9 meters, carrying the heavy traffic flow of south Outer Ring road, Mengyanghao Road, Wenquan Road, Yueliangwan Road and other sections.Due to the long construction of hot spring bridge, the design standard is low, so far there are great hidden dangers in operation.”One, two, three, from……”Shouting, workers operated lifting trucks to remove the guardrail on both sides of the bridge.That day in the construction site, the workers clear division of labor, braving the cold, dry in full bloom, snow falling on the construction personnel, rising a piece of white fog.”Wenquan Bridge is an important transportation hub in the downtown area of our city. The safe operation of the bridge is really related to the safety of people’s lives and property.””The project is expected to take 103 days to complete and put into use by the end of May,” said Xu Shengli, head of the city’s urban management law enforcement commission.It is understood that the hot spring bridge reinforcement renovation project during the construction of the bridge closed construction.During the closure construction, passing vehicles and pedestrians should pay attention to slow down and detour in advance.”Although the closure brings temporary inconvenience to people’s travel, in the long run, the reinforcement of the bridge will make people feel more secure and secure.”Aunt Li, who was blocked by the construction of the bridge, told reporters, “I used to see the news of the bridge turning over on TV. I was always worried about the safety of the old bridge in the city. Now I can put my heart in my stomach.””Wenquan Bridge (No. 1 Bridge) has been under construction for decades now. It is necessary to strengthen the bridge body, which truly reflects the government’s responsibility and is practical for the people.”Citizen Xu Daddy said while giving a thumbs-up.Source: Yun Shang Xian ‘an