Hospital recruitment interview nursing practice should pay attention to what?

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Xiaobian here to congratulate you into the interview, but at the same time, xiaobian also to give you a “wake-up call”, because the interview is not so simple oh!So you have to prepare carefully.Now, the content of the interview will be different because of the different situation in different regions.The general interview can be divided into four types: structured interview, medical structured interview, professional knowledge interview and practical operation.And each kind of interview, the examiner is concerned about the point is not the same, today will lead you to learn about the nursing practice interview needs to pay attention to matters.1. Read the interview announcement thoroughly.General nursing practice includes 14 contents, and some announcements have the scope of review, and some announcements are not, so the need for candidates to prepare comprehensively.2. Seriously adjust their own mentality, set up the confidence to win.To get into the interview proves that you are good enough, so do not be too nervous, must adjust their attitude, confident to face, otherwise the score will be discounted.3. Dress as instructed.According to past experience, most of the interviews for “nursing practice” are in a nurse’s uniform, but some exams will provide, while others require candidates to prepare themselves.If you are preparing yourself, please remember one thing: the nurse’s uniform should not have any logo, so as not to create the illusion of cheating.4. Be polite.Unlike other interview, the nursing field test is the ability to operate, and each action step has its corresponding standards and specifications, so at the time of the examinee to do operation, not only to the standard, but also beautiful and fluent, so relative difficulty is big, so please must be carefully prepared in advance, the recommended practice,Putting a mirror in front of you or recording your practice sessions and watching them carefully will help you identify the flaws and overcome each one.5. Pay attention to your makeup.The girl’s makeup look avoids by all means cannot be too thick, lipstick cannot be too colourful, decent can.Nails should be trimmed, not too long and painted with any colored nail polish.It is advisable not to wear any jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.For boys, we need to pay attention to hair not too long, not too fashionable, do not dye hair.6. When entering the examination room, smile, greet the examiner in a loud voice and be generous in your words and behavior.7. When performing nursing operations, if there is a dictation part, control the voice and speed of dictation. The voice should be moderate, confident and smiling.Most examinees because of nervous, will affect the volume and speed of the answer, resulting in voice too small or answer speed too fast.All of these will affect the interview score, so please practice, grasp the speed and volume of speech.8. Strictly abide by the principles of aseptic operation during operation. Do not cross the aseptic area.9. At the end of the operation, follow the examiner’s instructions, candidates politely bow and then leave the field.The above is about the nursing practice interview points need to pay attention to, do you understand?Hope the above content is helpful to prepare for the interview, we will see you next time!