Slam Dunk master Fengyu xiangbei war second half, at the beginning of the war, Fengyu reflected its tactical accomplishment

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Dunking high hands of Fengyu xiangbei war, the first half is really Fengyu to show the rascals true colors, the south strong elbow hit liuchuan Maple, directly liuchuan Maple get off, then fengyu all began a despicable performance, how much action how much, they too know what action can cause opponents of the impulse.I have to say that fengyu players are all ace killers, because their action is a foul, but they want to cause xiangbei players physical conflict, after they will definitely raise their hands high, a look of innocence, so maybe the referee will call xiangbei players technical foul.Once so, Xiangbei will be easy to fall into the negative emotions can not extricate themselves, completely fengyu made fun of.However in the second half, the two teams of the hand, Fengyu or show its eight strong level.Especially in the second half of the start of a minute and a half time, Fengyu told Xiangbei, why they are called the king of Osaka, although in the plot years, Daiorong beat Fengyu, but it is undeniably, Fengyu and Daiorong, the first is not the full force of the lineup.Toyotama is at the heart of the trio of Osaka score the top three, but with great glory, kishi is the only one, to the south and missed the game board storehouse, beat toyotama great glory to a 68-55, this is not the real level of toyotama, so to speak, if toyotama is the first team, great glory should be difficult to win.Don’t say anything else, south strong directly send dirt house chun end, great glory directly game over.Having said that, compared to the hooligans of the first half, the second half of the Toyoyu players were a bit of a talker, but other than that, they played to the standard of the last eight. In the second half, Kato Rukawa, with an eye injury, did not receive a solid pass from Miyagi, so Toyoyu attacked.This time, south strong attack xiangbei basket, attracted the red wood defense, plate cang in his back, south strong found the penetration over the Shore of this, and passed the ball to him, Shore this homeopathic layup, the attack, can be said to fengyu with, easily disrupted the Xiangbei defense.Through this attack, we can see that Fengyu not only play fast counter attack tactics, positional warfare, they also have a certain tactical literacy.And toyotama core trio, south shore this board positions, including the south plate warehouse 3 ability, also has a fierce outburst points south ability, kishi good off the ball, look for opportunities to directly attack xiangbei insider, the flavor of some attack trident, in Osaka, 100 + toyotama often can cut down the, used three stable scoring ability.South of tu points effect is good, in after the attack, found the xiangbei toyotama weakness, that is miyagi, can’t, miyagi height is too hurt, play the top teams, miyagi pressure has been great, south caught it, pass the ball to the plate, plate warehouse easily turned to score, it is toyotama tactical success.After toyotama consolidating insider on the defensive end, regardless of the xiangbei, ball in the basket toyotama will ensure three clamp situational prevention, limit the red wood, cherry wood once grabbed the rebound after the rush to make moves, was stopped, three toyotama immediately launch a counterattack, have to say that toyotama offensive speed is quick, the xiangbei back, kishi scored a goal.Behind there are plate cang outside three points shot performance, is still relying on board cang height advantage, single miyagi.As you can see, this one and a half, xiangbei belong jade is plunged into anxiety DuiGongZhan, although there is no outstanding center, but toyotama has found the way to play xiangbei positional warfare, if the south is not in the first half is a hot head, elbow flow chuan maple, can keep the common heart to play games, then toyotama will not because the south’s personal play,And into chaos out of control.Perhaps, kitano appear earlier, is before the game hasn’t started, he appeared, enlighten and inspire toyotama players, there are wild in the north, the south they may have greater movement, but the strong should not elbow flow chuan maple, ace killer this appellation, south strong don’t want it to appear in the line of sight of kitano.If so, xiangbei and Fengyu’s game, will be a very exciting showdown.