Why did “The Lone Ranger” become a “children’s song”?

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Recently, Shanghai a supermarket manager little brother to residents in the middle of the night to send vegetables scene touched a lot of netizens a car, the latest night on a thousand pounds of vegetables, to 3 o ‘clock in the morning more little brother said,”[we] a bit like a lonely a brave man liked song said the words, ‘who’s standing in the light of to be a hero,'” the words of the lyrics from the recent refresh network of “brave”, this song is not only a lot of people are set to “single cycle” in the campus is also widespread many children will sing some wonder “why” brave “became a children’s song?”Net friend:This “brave” national primary school students will probably sing recently, a primary school in hubei wuhan two boys play “brave” on the piano at the scene of many onlookers of students follow a piano chorus up delta sources/wuhan haidian foreign language experimental school in guizhou, a group of students after school meet a drums performers please the other “brave” everyone live singing along,The atmosphere is warm △ Video source/CCTV 👇 and these children are also singing many netizens have also expressed this song “my baby can sing” “national children’s uniform preference” why like this song?What magic did this song use to conquer the hearts of children?👇👇👇 Some students said that they like this song because of the lyrics “my favorite lyric is’ who says that standing in the light is a hero ‘” ↓” every word is so shocking no matter how low you are, fight hard, shine!↓ Some students said that they like this song because they can feel a power “struggle, the power of struggle” ↓ “Hearing” Lone Brave “, the whole body is full of motivation. We should be as strong as the lone brave and not afraid of any wind and rain “↓ Who is the” lone brave “in your heart?In children’s mind there are many kinds of “brave” could be the ordinary people is hard every day around the hustle and bustle of take-away little elder brother “on the road they and their humble live a ordinary life but is to dream and life and struggle of the people” is left trying to juggle work and family mother “she has been busy faint sick but she still stand up, stand up to greet the new life” left”The lone “or the ordinary hero is the drug cop who rushes forward” in the dark,Is doing a glowing “left of intrepid fireman” they are in fire spell speed and time of all is a fearless warrior “are left to cope with the disease doctor” because they do their best to protect our “left is the outbreak of medical staff and volunteers” them as bundles of warm light “left one thousand people in the heart has one thousand kinds of” brave “” brave” songThe lyrics are written by Tang Tian, who said in an interview with CCTV news, “This song is written for every ordinary person like her who is not verbal and walks alone at night.” Just as many children feel that the lyrics of The Song contain courage and blood.As well as soothing and healing these feelings, this song resonates with more people and allows the “lone Brave” to be interpreted in multiple ways, from the most ordinary people to police officers, firefighters, doctors, and so on. Now, more versions of the “Lone Brave” online are exciting to watch.The space edition of the Lone Brave 👇 The Chinese military edition of the Lone Brave 👇 the fire edition of the Lone Brave 👇 Who is the lone brave in your mind?Source: CCTV News