Advanced 2D design 3D modeling tool

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BricsCAD 22 for Mac is now available!BricsCAD 22 is a CAD modeling software for Mac with all the tools you need for advanced 2D design and 3D direct modeling. BricsCAD for Mac is the perfect choice for architects, engineers, designers and anyone who creates or uses CAD drawings.BricsCAD 22 for Mac is a powerful CAD platform with features familiar from native.DWG applications.BricsCAD 22 Mac edition combines advanced 2D and 3D intelligent design for direct modeling.BricsCAD 22 MAC edition’s DWG-based CAD platform can meet all your needs, from simple 2D drawing to advanced 3D direct modeling.No ancillary products or conversions required.Leveraging the power of AI, BLOCKIFY can find repetitive geometry and convert it into blocks to speed up drawing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced CAD professional, you’ll soon be creating drawings using BricsCAD’s productivity enhancements.The dynamic capture grid using BricsCAD responds to zoom levels and always gives you accurate drawing coordinates.Use the power of AI to turn 3D entities into fully parameterized parts in a second.Equations and variables are used, driven entirely by tables.BricsCAD 22 for Mac includes all versions of BricsCAD, including Shape, Lite, Pro, Mechanical, BIM and Ultimate,With Bricscad MAC you can easily create 3D models and complete 2D graphics drawings!Sharing software address: