Chen Yanan and parents to coat brother’s New Year’s visit?Standing in the courtyard with no one to greet, the atmosphere was awkward

2022-06-07 0 By

According to the Internet, Chen Yanan and his parents went to brother Overcoat’s house to pay a New Year’s visit during the Spring Festival, and the three stood in the yard with no one to receive them, showing an awkward atmosphere., ya-nan Chen and Zhu Xiaowei have been recently announced their divorce, a lasted a year of marriage will end, when all people thought it was all over, Chen Ya heat exposure Zhu Xiaowei not only the man to live within marriage unlearned, exposure in the interview also coat putting to flood refuse donations audio, henan is the coat thoroughly a brother offended.Just recently, the Internet spread a paragraph of Chen Yanan and parents to coat brother home New Year’s video, a family of three standing in the yard, coat brother did not come out to meet, it seems that is not how to welcome them, the atmosphere embarrassment to the extreme.I wonder if Chen yanan really wants to make peace with the brother Overcoat family, or has other purposes. After all, they are divorced, or hope that everyone can move on with their lives in the future.Leave a comment and see you in the comments section.