Drop to more than three thousand, screen under the camera mobile phone product accelerated exit, high price is also close to the people

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Don’t know if these two days we have to focus on the market development tendency of the millet, millet in the mobile phone market of the mobile phone the old generation of cost-effective products, millet 10 s this kind of mobile phone is now the shelves retreat city, in the mobile phone market is indeed a very regrettable thing, millet 10 s, after all, no matter what haven’t to sell motionless,It can only be said that Xiaomi will slowly eliminate these old generation products.And in xiaomi 10S just off the shelf production now, in the mobile phone market Xiaomi MIX4 suddenly also came to accelerate the exit of the news, as a mobile phone market released in the second half of last year xiaomi real high-end mobile phone market products, Xiaomi MIX4 now suddenly accelerated exit is really a pity, why?Because this ceramic mobile phone with the lowest price in the market, not only has a good cost performance in the mobile phone market, but also has a good sense of quality performance.However, the development of the market is always moving forward. In the mobile phone market, manufacturers have very different development strategies for products in the mobile phone market. For example, Xiaomi is really difficult to turn back on the road of seeking the most sense of quality, and now it can only continue to develop the market.But millet mix4 this kind of mobile phone products, the real high-end market products as a millet, millet mix4 performance of this kind of mobile phone market development is still very good, though more are on the market by consumers abuse, and still rice noodles scold yourself, but it also hard to disguise its is a very good mobile phone products.If millet mix4 this mobile phone product is not good, so in the mobile phone market have so many consumers will not release it started to rob, and scolded the product, but also just because its prices falling too fast, released two months, met a double tenth, dropped more than one thousand, start from here to make rice for this phone from a very bad mood.However, the subsequent price went back a little and then immediately dropped, which further intensified the dissatisfaction of mi fans for this high-end mobile phone product of Xiaomi. The retention rate was too low, which was even faster than Samsung’s price reduction.But carrying Xiao mix4 dragon 888 plus the millet, performance in the development of mobile phones on the market situation is very good, performance on the mobile phone market now also after two paragraphs 4 nm process processor, and although the price is really high, but wins in the mobile phone market with lowest price on a full ceramic body cell phone selling point,The development performance in the mobile phone market is also very good.In addition, its unique selling point, the under-screen camera, is a market selling point. Whether as a market exploring mobile phone product, used to explore the development trend of the mobile phone market for Xiaomi, or as a high-end mobile phone market product with full sense of quality and cost performance, MIX4 is still very popular.Plus the other two configurations mix4 performance is also very good, not only with a very good film strength, one hundred million pixels rear three perturbation, daily various aspects strength can very easily be satisfied, and 4500 ma battery, collocation of 120 w wireless charging, charging cable with 50 w life performance is also very good,Belong to the forefront of the development of science and technology mobile phone products on the market, after starting to maintain three or four years of service life performance is also very easy.And such a very good mobile phone products, now whether the configuration on the mobile phone market, or the time for the development of the market, actually still has a very long period of time the market development space, today to millet mix4 also accelerate exit, can only explain tong, should have the sense of quality is to give the millet mobile phone product development between the suspension.After all, the current Mi 12 series, because of its low cost performance, is at a disadvantage compared with mi MIX4, the previous high cost performance mobile phone products, and the selling point is really not high, in the mobile phone market, it actually makes a comparison and promotion for these older generation products.And at this stage the said don’t say is, millet mix4 performance of this kind of mobile phone product market development is more than 12 of millet to recommend you to start, on the mobile phone market is more fragrant, now accelerate exits, and the price is down, the high-end version of the price now is also very friendly, you have like can indeed proceed with.