Long Xiangyang: Sprint for a “good start” of the first quarter and prepare for the on-site meeting

2022-06-07 0 By

Rednet Moment January 30 – (correspondent Ouyang Shi) In the morning of January 30, Long Xiangyang, secretary of the Party Committee of Blue Mountain County, came to the county economic development zone to investigate the project construction and the city’s industrial project flow on-site meeting preparation.At the construction sites of Chuangpi International and the standard workshop phase III, Long Xiangyang listened carefully to the relevant reports and got a detailed understanding of the project area, project progress, environmental protection implementation, factor guarantee, etc.He called for a full understanding of the significance of speeding up project construction, a stronger sense of urgency, responsibility and mission, and a state of “sprint” when opening a door and “charge” when starting, to push forward all work to ensure a “good start” in the first quarter.We need to take a holistic and long-term view, consider road transportation, industrial projects and other comprehensive factors in an overall way, and ensure that the construction of supporting facilities and industrial projects seamlessly connect and coordinate.In yuchang Model, Range Rover Technology and other enterprises, Long Xiangyang inspected the production workshop of the enterprise, and had a detailed understanding of the enterprise operation, product research and development, and the preparation of the city’s industrial project construction mobile site meeting.He asked, the city’s industrial project construction flow will to show blue mountain project results provide a good platform, the preparations for the relevant departments and enterprises to a solid, further optimize and refine the visit plan, strictly to ensure that every process, every link without omissions, do not make any mistakes, with first-class standard of mental state, first-class work, the first-class service level,Welcome the city’s industrial project construction mobile site meeting.