Qujiang total confirmed 18 cases, risk within the control range!Quzhou updates the situation

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This article was transferred from;At 9:30 am on March 15, quzhou held a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control, briefing quzhou on the latest situation of the epidemic prevention and control in Quzhou and answering questions of public interest.Pan Xinhua, member of the CPC Committee and deputy director of quzhou Municipal Health Commission, briefed quzhou on the current situation of the epidemic.As of 24:00 on March 14, a total of 18 local confirmed cases have been reported in Qujiang.Among them, from 0 to 24 hours on March 14, 17 new cases.At present, the fight against the epidemic is in the most intense period, whether quzhou can strengthen faith, the same desire, the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, directly determines whether quzhou can win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible.After the outbreak of the Japanese epidemic on March 13, Quzhou immediately started the “five fast” cycle mechanism of rapid detection, rapid flow adjustment, rapid marshaling, rapid transport and rapid isolation. According to the requirement that the control force is greater than the transmission force, quzhou competed with the virus for speed and time.476 sampling sites have been set up in urban areas, and a total of 380,000 people have been sampled and tested. All of them were negative except 18 cases found in the “three districts”.Establish a joint epidemic investigation and tracing team at the provincial, provincial and county levels. The public security, public health, big data and other departments will work together to identify the close contact, secondary contact and key risk personnel of each case as soon as possible.All kinds of hard isolation control measures shall be implemented to quickly classify, group and transport the classified, sub-classified and key risk personnel.Since March 14, Quzhou city has carried out nucleic acid testing on a large scale, in order to find out the infected people hiding in the crowd.This is why the number of cases increased on Monday.On the one hand, the large number of cases shows the complexity and severity of the current epidemic. On the other hand, it can be said that the discovery of 18 cases means that 18 risk sources have been quickly eliminated and we are one step closer to the goal of “community zero elimination”.With the promotion of large-scale testing, it is inevitable that new cases will be found in the near future, but Quzhou city should be full of confidence to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible.First of all, all the cases in Quzhou have been found in the “three areas”, and there has been no spillover cases from the “three areas” so far, indicating that the risk is under control.Second, after some areas of Qujiang were divided into “Three areas” on March 13, Quzhou immediately clarified the control measures of “three areas” and immediately gathered forces to carry out nucleic acid testing in the “three areas” to cut the social transmission chain of the epidemic as soon as possible.Third, Quzhou city “raced against time with space” and demarcated the prevention area scientifically. Since March 14, the first round of large-scale nucleic acid testing has been carried out in the urban area to build a tight defense line against the epidemic.Fourth, we need to quickly initiate close contact, sub-close contact and transfer and isolation of key groups to remove risk factors from communities and effectively reduce the risk of community transmission.Up to now, 1,198 people have been quarantined and 2,429 people have been sub-quarantined.Classified control and environmental disinfection have been carried out at the affected sites.Fifthly, of the confirmed cases currently under centralized isolation treatment, 2 are ordinary cases, and the rest are mild cases with mild clinical symptoms. Designated medical institutions are capable of providing safe and effective treatment services for patients.Next, Quzhou will focus on the important risk points, step up the work of flow tracing, “three zones” control, nucleic acid testing, transport and isolation, etc., and go all out to achieve social zero at the fastest speed.First, control of compaction risk points.According to the risk points suggested by the case flow tracking, comprehensive investigation and control were carried out, and the responsibility of compaction was tightened to ensure that the risk was controllable.Second, we will do a good job of large-scale defense.Adhere to the character environment with prevention, continue to do a good job of external prevention, prevention and other work.Third, strengthen social meeting control.Strictly implement all prevention and control measures during the level ii response period to ensure a smooth and orderly social meeting.Fourth, we will strengthen service guarantee.We will provide life support, humanistic care and heart-warming services for the masses and staff in isolation points, containment areas, control areas and prevention areas.We will continue to release authoritative information and respond to social and public concerns in a timely manner.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, citizens have been united as one, consciously cooperating with the community to implement measures such as temperature measurement, bright coding, wearing masks and nucleic acid testing. Especially since the city launched the level II response, people have overcome difficulties and inconvenience, and consciously achieved less movement and gathering.We also hope that all of you will continue to support, cooperate and participate in epidemic prevention and control, and jointly protect Quzhou.Q: After the launch of the level II emergency response in Quzhou, how is the daily life of quzhou residents?At present, Quzhou local grain and oil reserves are sufficient, raw grain reserves are abundant, and there is a certain amount of finished grain and oil reserves.As of 20:00 on March 14, the city’s market inventory and government reserve scale are: grain inventory can guarantee the consumption of grain rations for more than 5 months, edible oil inventory can guarantee the consumption of more than 2 months, edible salt inventory can guarantee the consumption of more than half a year.At present, there are 22 emergency grain and oil processing enterprises in the city, with a daily processing capacity of more than 2,400 tons.There are 147 emergency supply outlets, 6 distribution centers, 28 storage and transportation enterprises and 1 emergency support center.All grain processing enterprises shall be ready for emergency processing at any time to ensure production capacity and sufficient supplies at supply outlets.All emergency supply outlets have done a good job of replenishing supplies to ensure the supply of rice and other goods for people’s livelihood.In order to ensure the supply of daily necessities such as grain and oil during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce actively coordinated resources and took multiple measures to ensure the supply of daily necessities in accordance with the market situation to ensure adequate market supply.We will actively guide supply and guarantee enterprises in stockpiling goods during the epidemic, guide and urge shopping malls, supermarkets, and commercial circulation enterprises to strengthen the connection between production and marketing, expand supply of goods through multiple channels, and expand stocks of daily necessities, as well as their distribution and transportation.Coordinate with large supermarkets to ensure adequate market supply.At present, 13 large and medium-sized supermarkets and 2 farmers’ markets in the city have more than 2,600 tons of refined grain, 1,100 tons of edible oil, 36 tons of poultry meat, 80 tons of eggs and 1,500 tons of vegetables in stock. Major supermarkets in the city are operating normally with a variety of commodities, which can meet the daily needs of residents.We will strengthen monitoring of the imports and sales of large and medium-sized enterprises and other enterprises that guarantee daily necessities, keep abreast of market dynamics, and ensure stable supply and demand in the daily necessities market.Iii. Since the prices of daily necessities were generally stable and the market responded in an orderly way, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce immediately launched the emergency monitoring system of grain, oil and vegetable prices, zero abnormal price fluctuations of daily necessities, the immediate report of daily supply and demand anomalies and out of stock, and the daily daily supply and demand table of important daily necessities.We will comprehensively strengthen price monitoring of grain, oil, meat, eggs and poultry, vegetables, liquefied natural gas and other goods.Monitoring shows that the price of daily goods is generally stable.Market supervision departments at all levels of the city will strengthen market price inspection, severely investigate and punish price fraud, price gouging, hoarding and other illegal acts during the emergency response period, and give heavier punishment to those found.Q: What measures has Kecheng District taken since the outbreak?Wang Shengfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Kecheng District Committee and Executive Deputy Head of Kecheng District, said: After the outbreak of the epidemic, Kecheng District earnestly implemented the deployment requirements at the provincial and municipal levels. The whole district acted quickly to deal with the epidemic strictly and faithfully, striving to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.The following measures were adopted in key areas: 1.Upon the outbreak of the epidemic, the Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters of The City of Kocheng issued circular No. 2 immediately, further strictly controlling the gathering of people and strengthening the control of public places, resolutely implementing the “prevention of importation from abroad and the prevention of spread within China”, and strictly implementing the civil and physical prevention measures.Except for supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies and other essential services, all commercial establishments will be temporarily closed.All primary and secondary schools (including kindergartens) and training institutions in Kecheng District have suspended classes for a week. The suspended schools have launched online teaching and tutoring activities in a series of efforts to ensure that “classes will not be suspended and classes will not be suspended”.A total of 800 loudspeakers were distributed to communities, 1,849 emergency radio broadcasts and 64 mobile publicity vehicles were used in rural areas, and more than 200 outdoor screens were fully utilized to create a strong atmosphere of “unity, prevention and control”.Two, personnel force sinking line.Mobilize party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres in the district to quickly enter the wartime state of epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the advantages of mechanisms such as the “Three-link project”, “District Clearance” and “Red property Alliance”, and “all staff are engaged in comprehensive work and front-line work”.All the sinking forces have been incorporated into the epidemic prevention and control teams in towns and townships (sub-districts), and are committed to the front-line work of epidemic prevention and control.Up to now, 987 district officials, 2,335 teachers, 1,200 police officers and 500 volunteers have been deployed to the front lines of the fight against the epidemic.3. Conducting regional nucleic acid testing.Regional nucleic acid testing was quickly launched, and 192 temporary nucleic acid testing sampling sites and 883 nucleic acid sampling channels were set up in streets, specialized markets and high-tech parks throughout the region to carry out testing.As of 24:00 Sunday, 367,000 nucleic acid tests had been conducted in the region.Fourth, do our best to ensure service.We will do a good job of ensuring supplies for People’s Daily needs and ensure their normal and orderly life.We will launch the joint guarantee and supply mechanism.The purchase of materials will be intensified to ensure adequate supply of daily necessities to ensure the basic normal life of residents.We will strengthen care and care services for special groups.Comprehensive investigation and warmth will be combined, and people in urgent need of medical treatment or inconvenient to go out will be comprehensively identified. Each community is required to set up a care group and carry out precise services according to the actual situation.Timely response to social concerns.A platform for “Help against COVID-19” has been set up on the “Sportke City” APP to respond to people’s livelihood in a timely manner and provide services to those in need.On March 14, the platform received 175 requests for help, all of which were responded to and solved immediately.Q: Given the outbreak in Qujiang District, how can we continue to ensure people’s livelihood?Guo Lin, member of the Standing Committee of qujiang District Committee and Deputy Head of Qujiang District, said: Since the outbreak, Qujiang District has attached great importance to the protection of people’s livelihood.1. Continue to strengthen material support.In terms of COVID-19 prevention and control, Qujiang District immediately secured supplies, coordinating distribution units such as the rice processing Plant, Minghui Fruits and vegetables, and Dongfang Supermarket of the district’s food safety emergency support center to ensure supplies for People’s Daily life during the epidemic.The first round of 6,000 packages has been distributed, including food, vegetables, fruits and other food, which can meet the needs of living materials for 3-4 days.In terms of safeguarding the whole region, qujiang District has complete supplies, sufficient supply, stable price, and citizens can be assured of consumption and rational purchase.For example, Qujiang Baizefang Food Co., Ltd. has increased production, can produce 400 tons of rice, flour, in addition to the existing more than 1,000 tons of rice, more than 200 tons of noodles, more than 200 tons of flour inventory, and more than 1,000 tons of transportation from all over the country.More than 200 tonnes will arrive today.For another example, the Dongfang supermarket in Qujiang District is operating normally, with sufficient supplies of daily necessities and main and non-staple foods to meet the needs of the masses.2. Improving service quality.During the epidemic period, Qujiang District coordinated the forces of township, village (community) and grid, understood the living needs and health status of the masses household by household, and strengthened the services for special groups such as “the old, the weak, the sick, the disabled and the young”, as follows:For the elderly, pregnant women and other groups with mobility difficulties, village cadres, community police, grid workers, medical staff and volunteers provide nucleic acid testing services at their homes, and pay close attention to their health status.The Second People’s Hospital of Quzhou has opened a closed-loop channel for critical patients to ensure timely treatment.For patients with chronic diseases who have difficulty in seeing a doctor or need long-term medication, patients or their family members can register their needs with the township (sub-district or office) in which they are located, and the staff can provide drug purchasing service through feedback and coordination to the medical treatment team of the epidemic Prevention Headquarters.To strengthen the care of minors in isolation points, staff and medical staff take the initiative to provide personalized care, such as more intensive examination, treatment and care, and work 24-hour shifts as loving parents.At the same time, wechat service groups have been established based on the grid of buildings and natural villages to timely push the latest provincial and municipal prevention and control policies and official announcements, strengthen communication, and do a good job of psychological counseling to ensure that the isolation is not separated from the heart.3. Unblocked demand feedback channels.Qujiang District has opened a “help platform for fighting epidemic disease” on the “E-Browse Qujiang” APP. If people have urgent problems with the epidemic, please report through the “E-browse Qujiang” APP “Help platform for fighting epidemic disease”. Qujiang District will collect people’s needs and cooperate with relevant departments to guarantee the situation in the first time.If you or your family or friends need help, you can log in to the platform to contact them.In the future, Qujiang District will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and service guarantee. We also hope that the general public friends will actively support and cooperate with epidemic prevention measures, calm down, do not go out, do not gather together, and help each other to overcome difficulties together.Source: Quzhou