Soul dances alone, clouds cannot hide the moon, winter cannot block spring

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There is something in every man’s soul that can never be sold wholesale to others.This is pain — but we can sell happiness to others like a fountain, throwing cool and crystal drops.The soul has two cargoes — tears and perspiration.It’s not easy to live in the world.Everyone is as easy as wind chimes to ring and hurt.From the flower season to the rainy season, from the young to the youth, in the prosperous four seasons, set foot on the journey, in the alternate spring and autumn winter and summer reincarnation of such a beautiful season we are having.Experience the vicissitudes of life, in the rising and falling of the sun baptism again and again hone traces, whether sad or happy, just to shape a more perfect themselves.Not lost in the world of mortals, do not love worldly prosperity, but in that short time, bravely to pursue the steps of success, to pursue their own dreams.In the melting pot of life, to create a gorgeous own.Now, many people “go into the sea”…Some fish, some catch shrimp.Facing the business sea, although I do not have a very good water, nor can I backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly…But I know that the clouds and the waves are not temptations for me, but just a scenery.I believe that only with the will of the blood drops and sweat caused by the nectar will endure, only with the eternal hope and eternal yearning to weave the rainbow will be brilliant;Only with eternal persistence and indomitable resilience built of the copper wall will be very strong……Wanton rush about the youth, colorful beautiful time, I do not want to always embrace a little regret for the past choice.I want to pass warmth like sunshine, fall down in the dark, smile bitterly in the strong, but never forget to follow the steps of success.Because I know that success will not be waiting for me to waste time there, watching me decadent and cowardly, she will only keep running forward, running forward!And that I would fall in this running melting pot, and finally into the dark whirlpool.I don’t want to, also don’t want to, so only desperately to chase, and she watch the scenery along the way, rather than quietly fall, linger in the confused net.Everyone else can eat his steak, you can eat your brown rice and vegetables.While eating vegetables, my soul is dancing alone!The color of the rainbow comes from the rendering of wind and rain, and the nimbleness of dew comes from the brewing of the night.Only through the blood of the fingers can pop out of the world, only through the suffering of hell, have the power to shape the heaven.Likewise, only those who grasp destiny and dream of destiny can smelt life in life.Soul solo, clouds cannot block the moon, winter cannot block the spring!