He Shui Road community “social work committee” to carry out “photography skills training” education services

2022-06-08 0 By

In order to improve the level of mobile phone photography of community staff and residents, expand the use of new media to record the good life, and praise the enthusiasm of harmonious community construction, the “Social Work Committee” of Heshuilu community, together with the district Rong Media Center, launched the “photography skills training” education service activity.The activity specially invited District rong media station chief Zhang Wenjia to teach.Teacher zhang through professional and vivid interpretation, from the basic knowledge of photography, the common way of composition, character photography, through PPT illustrated, a simple interpretation of the aperture, shutter speed, ISO knowledge, symmetry, scratchable latex, diagonal composition way to share and shoot, Angle, the use of features such as skill, make everyone learned some practical shooting skills.And with the combination of theoretical knowledge and practice, the scene let everyone take out their mobile phones, learn how to use the relevant photography skills to take more professional, more artistic photos, with mobile phone record every bit of beautiful life.By carrying out this photography training lecture, it provides a learning and communication platform for the photographers and community staff in the district, with strong pertinence, practicability and operability.Community staff not only learned the basic skills and operation of photography technology, but also broadened their thinking and vision, and had a new understanding of how photography can play a better and more effective role in their work.