Laugh at the classic owner’s wife cold jokes, embarrassing students funny jokes

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The owner’s wife called me to the office, tightly grasped my hand and said: “from today, you are my life assistant!Three times the salary, a car, a house, you have to work hard…”I shed tears of emotion…Then the owner handed me a hotel room card and said, “Tonight is Valentine’s Day, as my life assistant, you know!”My mood can not calm for a long time!The first task after promotion, I must complete seriously.So I immediately rushed to the boss’s house, personally put the room card to the boss said: “tonight the owner’s wife to give you a surprise!”2. There is a bottle of anti-allergic medicine in the drawer. My girlfriend saw it and asked what to use.I said I was allergic to mango, so I bought it.His girlfriend shook the bottle and said, “It’s a waste not to eat such a big bottle.”Before I knew it, she bought three kilos of mangoes in the evening.”There are a lot of ants in the teacher’s toilet,” one student said to his teacher.The teacher said, “I see.”Suddenly, the teacher remembered “ant” (ant) this word just learned, want to test the classmate to remember, said: “that ant how to say?”The student said, “The ant is not talking.”4. When I arrived at the company early in the morning, I saw the female supervisor getting mad, constantly swearing and breaking things. Later, I heard from my colleagues that the female supervisor was introduced to a blind date, and the matchmaker told her that the husband’s family was very strong and engaged in iron ore business.Later just know, the other party home is to receive scrap iron.Buddy bought a new car and went to the 4S shop to pick it up!All kinds of procedures have been done, the sales staff said to send maintenance and film!Ask him to want what kind of car film, that two goods don’t want to say: want to send send 1 meters 7 above, temperament is good!6. When I met my ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend on the road today, I took the initiative to greet her. She looked cold and said that she and her boyfriend were ready to get married, he had a car and an apartment, and his face was full of sarcasm.Ha ha, three years later, you still think I am the old worthless poor loser?I pulled out my car keys, walked silently to a tractor on the side of the road, shook it up, sprayed them in the face and drove off.My nephew had a fight at school and was invited by the teacher. He didn’t dare to look for my brother and sister-in-law and asked me to go.On the way back, I saw my little nephew with a sullen look on his face.After you na have also according to dozen, made a mistake again call parents, your handsome boy teacher there, aunt I give you top!”8. Went to steal peaches, only to be caught by the orchard owner.The owner asked, “What are you doing up there?”I said, “Grandpa, I found some peaches on the ground. I’m going to put them back up.”