“Meteor Radio” Pirate King: Fate, dream, end

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* * * * * * * * * * * * * TalkOP one piece BBS analysis area * * * * * * * * * * * * * the author ID: drunk toru star clouds start date: 2022.03.25 * * * * * * * * * please do not reprint without permission, the authorized reprint please keep * * * * * * * * * is a dream or fate…The demon fruit will be with him from the moment he is eaten to the moment he dies;Just as Luffy said, “The pirate can only give up his name when he dies,” the demon Fruit is a label fixed on him like every character’s name.Luffy ate the rubber fruit from the seventh year of his life, the first word of one Piece, and this ability will stay with him until the end of the story.After possessing this ability, under the blessing of the hero’s aura, others can hardly take it away (because taking it means the hero’s death), others lose the right to obtain the fruit with god’s name, and others are born behind the hero in the competition.Luffy, on the other hand, gradually accepted his destiny as a “soldier of liberation” and became a part of the destiny to lead others to freedom.This is helpless fatalism…But is that really the story?Why don’t we ask media mogul Moorgans to interview luffy’s competitors?Mr. Teach, you’re one of D, and you’re the straw Hat Boy’s closest competitor.After reading words 1044, do you feel the injustice of his fate to obtain such a divine fruit, and do you feel that your double fruit will be eclipsed?”You’re kidding.Pirate means to plunder, occupy and conquer;One Piece king is the king who takes the most treasure, even the people who take the world.Why does one Piece want to be free?I don’t need to be Nika. I want darkness. That’s who I am.JOY?Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!Mr. Kaido, you are also expected to be JOYBOY, but after reading 1044, you find that the straw hat boy is the chosen JOYBOY, the fate did not fall on your head, you are still not happy with the straw hat boy forced open the hanging behavior.”No, if JOYBOY means’ liberation ‘, that’s a big mistake.Human beings are also a kind of biological, should follow the nature of survival of the fittest, such as the city of flowers that group of people, but was eliminated by nature, why do I want to rescue?One Piece king means strength and the strongest, I this green dragon posture, just match JOYBOY – stand in life vertex, laugh the last person.”Lady Lingling, you have natural strength and iron muscles, but even that can lead to defeat, while the straw hat boy does sit-ups with his legendary fruit advantage.Do you think you could take down One Piece if you were one of those “chosen ones” who ate the rubber fruit?”I want to build a nation of nations for all races, and I want all people to come into my kingdom.But those who refuse my sincerity, who insist on leaving this pleasant place and disobeying my commands, die.Now I, the fruit of all souls, am good enough to make them obedient;For as long as they obey me, they are free.”………………………………………………………Perhaps many pirates of the king of the world bosses will publish their views, feel him as fruit is well-suited to doctors surgery, kidd feel magnetic fruit is rebellious and punk, Ming feel lines fruit can give his manipulation of the puppets, the red dogs think magma fruit to the ashes of “evil”…Did the straw Hat boy deprive his rival of the right to compete with him by eating the rubber fruit?There isn’t.First, because the rubber fruit implies liberation after becoming one Piece king.Luffy’s innate advantage in becoming queen of thieves and fulfilling his higher ideals does not mean that he takes advantage of others before sailing to Rafdru.Second, because his competitors did not think that one Piece king has anything to do with fun, freedom and liberation, they were given this fruit, even if they arrived at Rafdru and became one Piece King, knowing the historical truth, they would not necessarily do anything in line with freedom and liberation.To put it in a word, that is: when did one Piece king equate with freedom and liberation?”On the sea, the freest is the pirate king.”Freedom = One Piece king, this is Luffy’s own point of view, I’m afraid, except for Roger, Shanks and a few other people, no one has ever understood this way.As a sea thief, Luffy wanted to rescue people in distress, which was what he often did on the route, without being restricted by the stereotype that sea thieves must burn, kill and plunder.Therefore, luffy himself linked the connotation of One Piece with freedom and liberation, others do not think so;Since others do not think so, luffy eating the rubber fruit does not hinder anyone’s way forward, why let others eat the rubber fruit to occupy the magpie nest?In contrast, most of the characters in the world of One Pirate have obtained their favorite fruits as they wish. As mentioned above, Blackbeard has the darkness which represents plunder, Kaido has the dragon which represents power, and Aunt has the soul which represents control…Luffy, like them, has just acquired his true colors – destiny doesn’t exist anywhere, because rubberberry is Nika, and that doesn’t change the fact that it has no real meaning in the eyes of the rest of the OP world.Destiny also exists in every aspect, as all characters are basically given the abilities they want, and each can be seen as being stuck in his or her own destiny.When readers feel fatalism, they have actually been integrated into the story and entered Luffy’s personal perspective.What would he think if he were blackbeard eating the rubber fruit?”Ouch, they are all purple, wrong!!I want to take over the world. Why do I need that nika?How do I luck so back to eat the wrong fruit?I want only dark fruit.”I think, to sum it up, The devil fruit was tailor-made by Oda for each character.In the words of the plot, it is: perhaps understanding the nature of the fate, understanding the unchanging connotation of the rubber fruit, you can truly appreciate 1044 words, which is the “fifth gear”, the information breaking point, not the end of the past, but the starting point of the future.With this revelation, we can basically determine the structure of the final chapter :(1)…Luffy boarded Rafdru, “One Piece Road” main task progress 100%, won the title of “One Piece”.(2) On Final Island, Robin narrates the story of a blank hundred years into memory.(3) To understand the historical truth, the second generation of One Piece King decided to challenge the oppressor Dragon people, receive a new task “overthrow dragon people”.This is in accordance with the convention of one Piece chapter: “story advance – memories – decisive battle” to be divided, most readers should think so.Because when receiving the new mission, the story of One Piece has passed more than 90%, there is no time for Luffy to integrate various forces, he needs a symbol that can evoke the waves.For Fishman Island, it’s a hero’s hat;For Dresser Rosa, it was Lucie the sword fighter;But for the bottom people who have never felt sunshine and freedom, a soldier named Nika fruit with the sun god, who rescued them, is not what they need.Like the slaves who pushed the pedestrian paths in Pangu City.When luffy and others rushed to Mary Joya, how to let them know that the liberation of the people arrived?It’s the drum for the Sun god.Mode Mode Kusu ト Kusu ト